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Why You Shouldn't Join A Gym In Liverpool

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

join a gym in Liverpool

More and more people are venturing in to gyms now and wanting to improve their body shape and fitness levels

And for some people this will be a success

But for most... they will not get the results they want from joining a gym

In this post we want to share with you why you SHOULD NOT join a gym if you want to lose weight and get in shape

Gyms Do Not Care About Your Results

Think about this... an average gym will have around 2000 members

What would have if just 20% (400) members showed up between the hours of 5-7pm to go to a class... or to go and push weights

Would your gym be able to cope with 200 people each hour doing classes or pushing weights?

Of course not...

Gyms only care about number

They Rely On You Failing and Not Turning Up

Gyms Give Generic Programs To Keep You Occupied

When you join a gym in Liverpool

If you are lucky you will get an induction on how to use the basic pieces of equipment and cardiovascular machines

And then they may put together a program for you to follow

Here is the truth

There is no way that the instructor can put together a program that will get you results

If you are someone who has not trained before then just going to the gym will make changes in the first couple of weeks

But the program they give you will not have been built for you

It is impossible

There are no test or assessments for them to be able to make this happen

It Is The Same With The Classes

Just like the workouts they give you the classes will be generic

They may adapt slightly due to injury... but you turning up with a complete mix of abilities and all following the same workout is a generic class

They Only Call You If You Cancel of Miss A Payment

As mentioned before... gyms rely on you failing for their business model to work in selling over capacity

And the only time you will hear from them is when you cancel (usually because they have a 3 month policy) or,

If you miss a payment

If gyms really cared about you they would ring you each week to find out why you haven't been attending a minimum of 3 sessions a week

Gym Reb3l Is The Complete Opposite of a Gym

Our success is built on our clients results

Unlike commercial gyms we will phone you each week if you have missed sessions

We schedule weekly nutritional and goal setting calls to keep you on track

You will be following a program built specifically for you

And the biggest promise (and we can back this up on our social media and sites)

You WILL get amazing results

If you want to join a program that is built specifically to get results then click below 'Message Gym Reb3l' and get started today

You will then find out why our results based training programs are right for you and will help you to lose the weight you want, but most importantly feel amazing and healthy


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