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Our Award Winning Personal Training in Liverpool

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'All inclusive personal training gym in Liverpool, no matter what your current level is'

'Habit based coaching principles to ensure long-term results and sustainable weight loss'

'The most supportive personal training gym in Liverpool that gets unbelievable weight loss results'

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What Is Your Ultimate Health and Fitness Goal?

Your transformation with Liverpool's best personal trainers starts here

No matter where you are on the scales or how you feel about your current body shape

We all want to improve

Working with our personal trainers allows you to set specific goals to help you feel more confident, happier and become the best version of YOU

We Want You To Be Our Next Success Story

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Why Choose Gym Reb3l For Your Personal Training

Take A New Approach Specific To You

Weight loss and changing your body shape is promoted as a generic approach

Yet so many people fail to get the body they want from following these plans

This is because weight loss and changing your body shape isn't generic

It is. about you find a workout, nutrition and lifestyle plan that is built around you

And our habit based personal training programs ensure that your results are not only fast and effective, but long term too

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Book your consultation with one of our personal trainers today and take the first step to the health and fitness goals you want

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Liverpool's Most In-Demand, Private Personal Training Gym

#1 Personal Training Studio in Liverpool

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Dedicated Private Gym

We have a private personal training studio specifically for our 1-2-1 programs

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Luxurious Changing Facilities

Full changing facilities provided (all following covid guidelines)

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Goal Specific, Monitored Workouts

We track every single workout you do along with planning future session

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Unriveled Support and Guidence

You will get unlimited support and calls alongside your sessions

About Gym Reb3l Personal Training in Liverpool

Why work with a personal trainer in Liverpool

Our personal trainers help people just like you to lose body fat, change their body shape and get fitter, stronger and healthier

When working with a personal trainer, 1-2-1 they will sit with you to plan out what it is you want to achieve from your program and then put together a detailed plan outlining specific goals during the program

Everything is specific to you and the plan will work around your family, lifestyle commitments and beliefs

What packages are available in your personal training programs

We offer 6 and 12 month personal training programs to our members and our personal trainers will sit with you to discuss each package and what can be achieved in that time

Does it matter if. I am unfit, have any injuries or taking any medication?

Not at all

Personal training programs are built around the individual so it has no bearing on your current level of fitness and/or experience

All medical situations are also taken in to account when putting together your program

What happens after my personal training consultation?

First you will book in for your consultation where you will sit with one of our personal trainers and go through exactly what you want to achieve from the program

Then, you will be shown the packages and what can be achieved in those time frames

You will then have the option to commit to a package and start your personal training journey

Or, take the information away and make a decision when you are ready

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