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Are you ready to follow a plan that shows you what it really takes to lose weight and most importantly keep it off? 

A plan that will not only make you FEEL amazing but will give you the tools to continue your results?

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Gym Reb3l Personal Trainers in Liverpool

How would you feel if in just 30-days you could be up to 15lbs lighter?

Working with a dedicated personal trainer (The best personal trainers in Liverpool) who will plan, monitor and progress a fitness plan built specifically for you

Can you imagine the results?

It is one of the reasons why Gym Reb3l and their personal trainers have a proven reputation of delivering life changing results for their clients

Clients who have tried ‘dieting’ over and over again but haven’t found one the WORKS FOR THEM

Clients who have gone from class to class and gym to gym but haven’t found the right workout program that WORKS FOR THEM

Clients who start a new fitness plan and diet on Monday, by Wednesday they are slipping and come Friday, the plan is fresh and ready to ‘Start Again’ on Monday

Is this you?

Do You Know Why Most People Fail At Weight Loss?

Weight loss is easy <<< Write that down

Anyone can lose weight

Skip a meal

Drop your calories for a few days

Increase your activity

Simple things that people can do to lose a few pounds

But the reason most people fail when it comes to losing weight is because they don’t keep the weight off

It comes back

They yo-yo

And then the anger and frustration kicks in that another ‘diet’ or ‘workout’ program has just now WORKED FOR THEM

The problem for most people is they are always looking for a quick fix

6-week weight loss programs promising ‘life changing’ results

And yes… people will lose weight in that period of time

But what happens after

What happens when they get to week 15, 20 or 30

These plans only work for a few

And it is why there is such a high turn over

Do You Want TO Know The Secret To Losing Weight?

The secret comes down to 1 word


Habits are what creates results

People put on weight because of their habits

People lose their fitness because of their habits (the habit of not doing any exercise)

Where you are right now with your weight and fitness is down to your current habits

And in short ‘Weight Loss’ programs (like the 6-week plans so commonly sold) you can’t undo all the habits that have got you where you are today

Think of your eating habits now

Grab a pen and paper and write down:

  • The last 3-days of food and drink
  • Write down how much sleep you have had
  • When you relaxed
  • When you were at work or looking after family/children
  • When you were stressed (write down what made you stressed)
  • When/If you did any exercise
  • When/If you went for a walk

The answers to the questions above are only a small portion of what makes long-term sustainable weight loss a success

Most personal trainers will put together a plan which is purely focused around a food plan and a workout

This isn’t Personal Training

Personal training and the investment you make in personal training in both time and money is much more than that

It involves

  • Your work life
  • Your family life
  • Your social life
  • Your current eating patterns
  • Your daily schedule
  • Your sleeping habits
  • Your current beliefs around you and making positive changes
  • Your previous experiences with health and fitness

There is so much involved in putting together a structured weight loss and fitness plan for you

Little Tip: If your goal is to ‘just lose weight’ in the short term then you would be cheaper going to a slimming club than you would be in hiring a personal trainer


If your goal is to get amazing results quickly, but to then sustain those results and make positive changes so the results stay with you (and not to put it back on)

Then investing in a personal trainer is the right choice to make

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Hire a Personal Trainer at Gym Reb3l

At Gym Reb3l, alongside our group fitness classes we also have personal trainers available

And hiring a personal trainer is easier than you think

Once you have clicked the APPLY NOW buttons on this page you will be redirected to a payment page where you will make a £30 deposit for your consultation

This is the first part of your committing to yourself and investing in yourself

Most people like the idea of having a personal trainer but can be daunted by the fact of going to a personal trainer or working with them in a gym environment, so this puts them off

At Gym Reb3l we are not a gym, so you do not have to worry about that

Our personal training programs are held in a private studio meaning everyone in there is working with a personal trainer

It Is All About the Numbers

At Gym Reb3l our personal trainers track everything

  • We monitor all your workouts and progressions
  • We monitor your food
  • And we monitor your habits action plan to ensure we are going in the right direction with the plan

There is no guesswork in our programs, and it isn’t just a case of you coming in and working out then going home

At any point you can track back to what you have achieved, and your personal trainer will make you fully aware of this

They will also make any changes necessary to ensure you continue to progress

And any slip ups or things that happen that are not in the plan can quickly be adjusted to ensure you get back on track

This is why personal training is PERSONAL

Personal Trainers Are Not All The Same

There are tons of cheaper options and cheap personal trainers in Liverpool that you could use

Some talk about group training as ‘affordable’ personal training

But all the members are doing the same workouts which means you are basically paying for an overpriced circuit class

Personal training is about finding the right program for you and making adjustments when necessary to get you to your health and fitness goals

Now is your chance to achieve this and make a difference

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Hire A Liverpool Personal Trainer at Gym Reb3l

If you are ready to invest with a Liverpool Personal Trainer that guarantees to give you a proven plan, so you no longer have to;

  • Guess
  • Struggle
  • Fail
  • Quit

Your workout or food plans again then now is your chance

Gym Reb3l offers you the best personal trainers in Liverpool

Personal Trainers that UNDERSTAND people are individual and ‘One Plan Doesn’t Fit All’

Personal Trainers that PLAN your 12-month program giving you manageable targets

Personal Trainers that MONITOR your progress to ensure you stay on track

Personal Trainers that PROGRESS your workouts so you can see exactly how far you have come

Why Our Personal Trainers Are Different?

Just a quick search on Google ‘Liverpool Personal Trainer’ and you will bring up a huge list of personal trainers ready to sell you their service

At Gym Reb3l, we stand by the fact that our personal trainers are different

And what makes us different is our approach

Your “average” Personal Trainer;

You call them up and book your consultation

From your consultation you complete a few forms; mainly medical, terms and conditions, nutritional diary and what you want to achieve

From this you are then taken in to the gym for your first workout

Now Here Is the Problem

Over the years your body has changed and one of the biggest changes is in your posture and muscle balance

Little niggles or old injuries can’t be ‘cured’ by just listing them on your medical form

And one of the main jobs of a personal trainer is to ensure that you stay injury free

On your first session with your ‘average’ personal trainer you are taken in to the gym and given your first workout without any previous knowledge of EXACTLY what caused the injury OR if you are a potential risk of any further injuries

Why You Should Hire A Gym Reb3l Personal Trainer

Our consultation process works over a 5-step plan

Step 1: After your initial call you are sent via email your pre-consultation questions

Step 2: You come in for your consultation with your personal trainer and we go in to more depth

Step 3: BEFORE we take you for a workout you are sent to our physio who will then complete a full analysis covering the points mentioned above plus additional testing

Step 4: Your personal trainer will then take these results and devise your workout and mobility plan based on this

Step 5: You are now ready to workout

Our personal trainers will not train you until they know exactly what your body is capable of and any additional information, they need that will help you develop and stay injury free

If you want to work with the cheap personal trainers in Liverpool who just take you for workouts and don’t monitor your plans, then you will save money… but it isn’t really personal training

It would be cheaper for you to just download a workout plan from Google or from a fitness magazine

Don’t Hire A Personal Trainer If They Do This

One of the biggest problems with most personal trainers is that they believe everyone can follow the same food plans and process

So, a typical personal trainer will give you a set of numbers to hit (Macros), get you to download MyFitnessPal and expect you to just turn in to a food weighing machine overnight


> Ask Yourself This One Question to Guarantee Results

> Will I Be Doing This Diet 10 Years from Now

If you can clearly see yourself follow the diet plan your personal trainer is giving you now, then fantastic

This means to food plan is suited to you and each day you will be follow what you are learning

As this is what a diet is meant to do

It is meant to fit in with your lifestyle and commitments

The problem is most personal trainers don’t see this

They give a generic plan and guidelines to everyone

  • Some people don’t want to count calories… they just want to make better choices
  • Some people are not ready to diet… they just want to make small and manageable changes
  • Some people don’t want to track calories… they don’t believe they will have time
  • Some people don’t want to weigh all their meals… it is too much work

As a personal trainer our job is to make sure that as you progress with your workout and nutritional plans that your food plans adapt and the changes and strategies, we implement are beneficial and also fit in to your lifestyle

Think about this… how many times have you lost weight on a diet but not kept it off?

What people don’t understand is that WEIGHT LOSS IS EASY

But what is tough is keeping it OFF

That is where most people struggle and that is where hiring the right personal trainer in Liverpool who understand the principles of implementing a sustainable nutritional plan is essential for your results

Your personal trainer should be able to give you a 12-month plan where they can go through all the strategies, they are going to implement based on your current diet beliefs that will ensure your success

Personal Trainer: Liverpool City Centre and Surrounding Areas

When working with one of our personal trainers you have the option of both North Liverpool and South Liverpool

If you are looking for a personal trainer in Liverpool city centre then our personal trainers at Gym Reb3l are ready to help you

We have personal trainer in Speke and personal trainer in Bootle ready to help you achieve your health and fitness goals

Hire A Personal Trainer Near Me

Ok we get it… you have read why our personal trainers are different to other personal trainers, but you now want to hire a personal trainer near you

What if I told you that if you were prepared to travel then this would be the last ‘help’ you would need with achieving your health and fitness goals

That by working with one of our personal trainers at Gym Reb3l would up tin you in the position to have a dedicated personal trainer who fully understands what it takes to get you the results you want

You don’t need a personal trainer closer to home… you need a personal trainer that will give you the tools and plan to get you results

Personal Trainers at Gym Reb3l

Please do not fall for this trap

Group Personal Training is NOT personal training

Advertised as ‘personal training at a fraction of the cost’, group personal training is another marketing ploy to get you to part with your hard-earned cash in the belief that ‘splitting’ the costs with other people makes personal training cheap

If you go to these classes now, please do me a favour

Ask your personal trainer to show you EVERY single workout and weight you have lifted since you first joined

Ask your personal trainer to show you the progress you have made with your nutritional plans

Two very basic questions

And a small part of what is actually involved in personal training that these ‘Group Personal Training Programs’ can’t give you

Don’t be fooled

The industry is already littered with people making bogus claims and this is the latest one to get you onboard with their program

Group Personal Training IS NOT Personal Training

Still don’t believe me?

Go and have a consultation with one of these classes in Liverpool and ask the personal trainer to show you 3 people’s workout plans for the last 2-3 years… (it is not GDPR as they are not sharing personal data)

There are personal trainers in Liverpool who would have you believe that what this group programs offer is personal training

I have shown you a very simple way to discredit this and all you have to do is ask

Don’t let personal trainers get away with this

Female Personal Trainer Liverpool

At Gym Reb3l, we have both male and female personal trainers in Liverpool available for you

Some people prefer to work with a female personal trainer and that is no problem

When you book your personal training consultation you can select this option and we will make sure you work with a female personal trainer at Gym Reb3l

At Gym Reb3l, because we have so many personal trainers available to work with you please do not feel you have to work with the personal trainer, we choose

You have to option to work with any if our personal trainers whether they are male or female personal trainers 

Hiring a personal trainer is tough but one of the most important things about working with a personal trainer is that you have to get on and have a rapport with them

And if you feel that working with a female personal trainer in Liverpool is the best option that that is no problem at all 

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