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Why You Don't Need To Count Calories To Lose Weight

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

count calories to lose weight

Just a quick search on google on, 'How to count calories and lose weight' will bring up over 13,500,000 website results

With tons of 'formulas' to work out your daily calorie needs there is also confusion amongst people as to what is true

Most will give you different results

And while most personal trainers will use Harris Benedict or Mifflin-St Jeor to give you your calories

The truth is that...

While this is an ok guide

It is not science

It is a theory

And This Is Why You Don't Have To Count Calories To Lose Weight

Imagine This

Let's take 2 females

Both the same age, height, weight...

Have the exact same jobs and active lifestyle


Both will come out on the same amount of calories for the day


There is no way of knowing how each individual burns calories

So the theory above is just that... it is a theory... and not a science as most personal trainers would have you to believe

Not All Calories Are Equal

Take 2 chickens breasts

Same weight

Guess what

There is no way to tell you exactly how many calories are in each chicken breast

They can guess (which they do)

But there is no way of telling you

Then you have the type of food you are eating

280 calories of chocolate bar

Or... 280 calories of nuts

You Don't Need To Count Calories To Lose Weight

You can lose weight by following 3 very simple principles

Step 1: Stick To Single Ingredient Foods

80% of your food intake from the week should come from

  • Vegetables

  • Fruit

  • Lean Meat

  • Good Fats (nuts and seeds and oils)

  • Complex Carbs

Step 2: Keep It Simple

Try and eat 3 meals and 2 snacks per day

Meal 1: Veg, Lean Protein, Good Fat

Snack 1: Fruit and Protein (yoghurt)

Meal 2: Veg, Lean Protein, Good Fat, Complex Carbs

Snack 2: Fruit and Protein (yoghurt)

Meal 3: Veg, Lean Protein, Good Fat, Complex Carbs

Step 3: Enjoy Your Treats

If you are someone who enjoys chocolate or alcohol then learn to manage it and install it in your diet

Remember at the start... 80% of your diet from the above... which leaves 20% for the treats

Bonus Step: Habits create results..

By learning new habits and installing them in to your daily routine you are more likely to

keep the weight off and sustain a new lifestyle

Apart from counting calories being a headache and very time consuming

If it is not a HABIT you want to keep long-term then it is not something you are going to stick at

So by learning to eat the right foods at the start and building your plan over the weeks to achieve the above you will be successful

The Most Important Part of Any Weight Loss Plan

Any new plan you embark on MUST fit around your

  • Life

  • Family

  • Work

  • Beliefs

This is why it must be individual and built just for you

By following generic plans they do not take this in to account and this is another reason why most people fail

During our 6-Week Body Transformation Challenge all members are given individual workout programs that are based on their experience, movement and goals

And their food plans are build based on the above

We do not give our generic plans

And this is why you can see all the fantastic testimonials on our pages

It is because clients are treated as individuals

This is the fastest way for you to get results


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