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6-Week Body Transformation Program In Liverpool

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

6 week body transformation program in Liverpool

It is no secret that our 6-week transformation program in Liverpool has been responsible for so many women being able to lose weight and keep it off

1000's of women both in person and through our online personal training programs have achieved such amazing results

This is why all new members at Gym Reb3l will initial sign up to our 6-week body transformation program before going on to our main membership plan

The reason for this is that during the 6-weeks we will be able to put together a dedicated, sustainable eating plan that will fit around;

  • Your Lifestyle

  • Your Work Commitments

  • Your Beliefs

  • Your Goals

  • Your Family

It is completely personalised to help you get the results you want

Why People Fail When Trying To Lose Weight

So many people fail when it comes to wanting to lose weight because they do 1 of two things

The first is the join a generic program where the meals plans and recipes are pre set and so they are expected to follow a 'one size fits all' approach to weight loss

For a small amount of people this can work, but for most it is not sustainable because it won't fit around the above need

The second thing they tend to do is go to a personal trainer who then 'sets' them their daily calories

And they are expected to track everything from the off

This can prove stressful for some people and the truth is, most people do not want to do this, nor do they have the time

Why Our Weight Loss Program Is Different

Our programs are run specific to the individual

So, during your first 6-weeks you will

  • Complete a gym based assessment with a personal trainer

  • Have a detailed nutritional consultation with a personal trainer

  • Be set daily, weekly and then a 6-week goal

  • Have a personal trainer monitor you each week

  • Your program will adapted when need, to make it sustainable

  • Weekly coaching calls with your trainer to answer any questions and make sure everything as in place to hit each goal

Those core elements of our program is what makes it so successful and why so many women are able to lose weight and keep it off

Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Working with a personal trainer Is not just about diet and workouts

There is so much more that makes the plan successful

You may as well jump on to google and download a free nutritional plan and workout if that is all your personal trainer provides you with

There needs to be a detailed plan that you can follow and track, knowing that everything you are doing is guiding you towards the weight loss results you want

The 6-Week Body Transformation Program In Liverpool at Gym Reb3l

6-weeks is a long time to make new habits and get amazing results

Clients can see changes of between 10-14lbs in just a short space of time

But what is more important is that the habits you put in place are there to keep the program sustainable and long-term

You do not want to lose weight and the be back to the same weight a few weeks/months later

That is a waste of money...

We coach you through the habit changes you will need to make it sustainable so your new nutritional plan. and workouts become just that... a habit

What To Do Now

When you are ready to make a difference and want to work with a program that has proven over and over again it's success in getting women amazing weight loss results

Click the 'Message Gym Reb3l' button at the top of the page for more information


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