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Lose Weight Without Tracking Calories

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

lose weight without tracking calories

Weight loss is only achievable when you are in a calorie deficit

But contrary to belief, you can lose weight without tracking calories

And today I want to share with you 3 simple ways you can make this work for you and some of the strategies we use with our clients

First of all; Using apps such as myfitnesspal to track your calories is one of the best ways to do this

But for some people tracking calories is not an option as it is something they;

  1. Do not want to do

  2. Do not have the time to do

  3. Does not fit in with their long-term plans

The 3 methods below will all fit with those who do and do not want to count calories

Lose Weight Without Tracking Calories: Option 1

The first way is the most common and one that works for a lot of people

If for example, for you to be in a calorie deficit meant you were to eat 1500 calories per day

That would mean 1500x7 = 10500 calories per week to be in a deficit

We work all our clients over a 7-day period

This means that we are looking at total calories for that period of time

For a lot of people the weekends is where they are the most sociable and so where most of the calories are consumed

If you reduced your calories by 150, Monday to Friday this would give you an additional 750 calories at the weekend (just over an average bottle of red wine)

Over a 7-day period you will still be working in a deficit meaning you will still lose weight

Lose Weight Without Tracking Calories: Option 2

Since people decided to skip breakfast and re-brand this as intermittent fasting, this has become a buzz word in the fitness industry

FULL 24hr fasts have been used religiously for 100's of years and have also been promoted within health and fitness because of the huge benefits to the body

This isn't for everyone and just living on water for a 24hr period may not work for you

but if we use the model above and you have 1 day where you fast for a full 24hrs this then gives you another 1500 calories to spread over the week or weekend

If you imagine that a bottle of wine is around 750 then it may be that some people could consume this in just one night out (the full 1500)

If you are going to do a 24hr fast we have found the best day to do this on is a Sunday

Whatever time you usually eat your evening meal fast from that time on the Sunday through till the Monday evening (6pm - 6pm for example)

Note: if you have diabetes fasting is not recommend and please (all of you) speak with your

Dr before trying a fast

Lose Weight Without Tracking Calories : Option 3

The conscious eater...

If you are working with a personal trainer or have the time then the first 2 options you will need to plan your week

Your personal trainer will do this for you and help you to put together daily foods

If you do not have the time and are not working with a trainer then this option might be best for you

It is so simple, which is why it is rarely used


  • Eat 3 Square Meals (Monday to Friday)

  • Drink 3 Litres of Water


When we say 3 square meals you need to be aware of what you are eating so the recommendation is always 'single ingredient foods' (list here)

A lot of personal trainers who only know how to get their clients to calorie count because it is a lazy way for them to get results

Do not understand this method

Because they will tell you 'No Food Is Good or Bad'

And to be honest they are right (in most cases)

But the volume can be

And because this way does not require calorie counting the best thing to do is to focus on these types of foods and use the following guidelines

Each Meal

  • Meat

  • Carb Source

  • Unlimited Green Veg

  • Cooking Oil

The absolute basics of any meal

Obviously if you over eat on the above you can still put on weight which is why we recommend you sit down and write everything you eat for that particular day

Then over the 7-day period you can monitor how you feel and also your weight loss

If you gain, cut back

If you feel you are losing too much too quickly, eat more

Remember the golden rule: Weight Loss Is About Eating AS MUCH as Possible and Still

Losing Weight

These 3 simple techniques to sustainable weight loss, all teach you about habits and foods to eat

If you do count calories then it will make the process slightly harder and I would strongly recommend sitting down and planning your foods for that week

We Can Do All This For You

When you join our 6-Week Body Transformation Program we do everything for you and put together a clear plan specific to you

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