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Weight Loss, Why You Lose Motivation

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

weight loss

Have you ever wondered why you seem to lose motivation when it comes to losing weight

You know WHY you want to lose weight

But it just seems to never happen to the level you want it too

I read in many blog posts that if you have a strong enough WHY then you will never fail

And while that is true to an extent

Losing weight is never really a strong enough reason for most people

And it is why so many people fail when it comes to a weight loss program

Why Hiring A Personal Trainer Might Not Be Right For You

For a lot of people, when they struggle with losing weight they may well go and hire a personal trainer or join a community slimming group

Diet + Workout = Success <<< WRONG

Hiring a personal trainer does not guarantee you success when it comes to losing weight

They may have the knowledge of what you need to do

But it does not mean it is right for you

Why 'Do This, Do That' Approach Is Wrong

If a personal trainer gives you a meal plan, or calories to 'hit' each day and just expects you to do it, run away

Take your money back and go and find someone else

When you are told to just eat this and not that, or hit this many calories per day (plus your protein) then that is not enough

It is a very lazy approach to getting clients to lose weight

This Is The Secret To Losing Weight

The secret to you losing weight... and most importantly, keeping it off

Is for you to learn to develop new habits

Understand the habits you need to create around weight loss is what is important to you losing weight

But to first create a new habit you must understand how habit creation works

It is not as simple as just starting

There is a 3 step process you must understand


Habit creation follow 3 main steps

The 'R' in the above letters stands for reward


You come home from work and your partner is there

You then go and open a bottle of wine and pour one for you and your partner

You have both been away from each other all day so this is the time you catch up and talk about todays events

While the dinner is cooking, you pour another glass and then carry on your catching up


The Reward

Is it the wine and the taste?

Is it the time together?

Is it the catching up?

You need to understand what the actual reward is for each habit you have that you may need to change

By breaking it down in to the 3 parts (C.A.R) then you can learn each step and then what the real reward is

In this example, the reward is not the wine

It is the time together, doing something together (making dinner) and the talking

If it is the 3 above you enjoy each day this can easily be swapped to going for a walk/run/gym/class

And you still get the 'reward' you were after

Why You Lose Motivation With Weight Loss

A study in 2014 around rewards for habits was conduct using monkeys

The monkeys would press a leaver

And in return they would get a reward of a drink each time they pressed the leaver

Over time scientists change this and reduced the reward

So each time they pressed the leaver the reward got loss

Overtime some monkeys would stop pressing the leaver

Some would do it less frequently

And others would carry on as normal

What This Means For Weight Loss

When people first start to diet they can lose 3, 4, 5, 6lbs... a week for the first few weeks

But then some weeks the weight (reward) slows down and in some cases the weight may well stay the same

With the weight loss not moving (reward) some people will give up, just like the monkeys... saying this isn't the right 'plan' for them

But this is where most people, and personal trainers go wrong

The reward is mostly focused around the weight change and not the new habit creation

If your weight does stay the same

But you have still kept to your plan

  • Exercises when needed

  • Slept

  • Drank sufficient water

All the new changes you promised yourself to do, you have still done

Then that should be your reward

The reward to keeping up the habit and continuing to change

And that is why 'do this, do that' coaching is not right and will not get you the results you want

Your focus should be around habit creation

With habits come long-term results

Remember though... old habits are still there

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