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Why Structure Creates Freedom In A Weight Loss Plan

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

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Discover Why Structure Is Your Key To Freedom In A Weight Loss Plan

A problem we see with a lot of people when they want to start a weight loss plan is their resistance to change

  • I don't want to count calories

  • I don't want to eat those foods

  • I am not giving up my weekends

  • I don't like running

  • I don't want to lift heavy weight

All concerns (there are many more) that people have when starting their new weight loss journey

But all concerns that can be coached

And by coached I mean

To put in good habits around their lifestyle and beliefs

I want you to get a pen and paper

Or use the 'notes' section on your phone

And write this down




Read it again

To create structure (systems also known as habits) in your life that are directly related to your end goal will create freedom

It sounds really simple when you write it down

And most people do every January with their New Years resolutions

They grab a pen and paper

And list down everything they want to achieve that year

In order for these to be achieved you need to work out

  1. The Work You Must Do

  2. The Way You Must Live (Habits or Structure)

An unwillingness to change means you will always be the same

If you are trying to lose weight, but still doing the same things wrong - it just won't work for you

You need to learn to understand the habits you have created

And then build your new habits around the goals you want to achieve


Planning your day and building structure in to your meals, workouts and lifestyle is all part of the process

You are not denying yourself anything by wanting to improve...

Many self help books talk about 'Creating Your Perfect Day' and this is what you are wanting to do when it comes to achieving your weight loss targets

Answer me this:

In order for you to get;

  • The body you want

  • The fitness levels you want

  • The lifestyle you want

What would a typical day look like?

What MUST you do each day in order for you to live this way?

  • Workouts

  • Food

  • Sleep

  • Living

  • Work

  • Family

  • Lifestyle

  • Friends/Social

  • Education and Self-Development

These all lead to you getting exactly what you want

But you must first understand what it takes

You just need a plan, a STRUCTURE to get exactly what it is you want


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