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Why Tracking Progress Is Key To Weight Loss

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

tracking progress is the key to weight loss

Imagine this...

One day you decide to book a holiday

You go the travel agent, pay a deposit and then breakdown the next 6 months payments

You go home, set an amount for what spending money you want to take

Decide how much you want to spend on new clothes

And then write a plan of how much you need to put away each month to make this holiday happen

Then each month you monitor where you are and come the holiday date

You are ready

You have achieved the results and away you go on holiday

That whole process is how you successfully lose weight

To create the best weight loss plan, you need to treat as though you are booking a holiday

Why Tracking and Planning Is Key To Weight Loss Explained

In fitness and on a weight loss journey you break the process down

Before I start with this i understand that it can seem boring

It can seem tedious to write down what is happening

Think Long Term For A Successful Weight Loss Program

Think of the motivation to see you are now running 5k when 3 months ago it was less than 10 minutes

How will it make you feel to see that 6 weeks ago you were doing press ups on your knees and now you can manage 10 full press ups... AND... have lost 5kg in weight

Imagine the feeling knowing that 10 weeks ago you were struggling with your food but for the last 4 weeks you have managed to hit every meal, drink the right amount of water and those mid weeks binges have stopped

Progress is a HUGE motivation to keep going

Simple Steps To Track Your Fitness (Workouts) Progress

We have all our clients logged in to our own APP and from their they can view every workout they have done plus the weights, sets and repetitions of each program

Before we used an app we would track this through excel

You can do the same

A simple training section on the notes part of your phone or buy A5 notepad to log what you do

It is so important to your results that you track your workouts - if you are going to fitness classes then this is not possible as the a fitness class we be different each time and not specific to you

Here Is What You Need To Track

  • Exercises

  • Weight

  • Sets Reps

  • Cardio Activity

  • Steps

If you are unsure about workouts you can download workouts online that will help you

Or you can click below and join our 6-Week Body Transformation Program which we run as both an in person program in our private personal training studio in Liverpool and as an online program too

How To Track Your Food When Trying To Lose Weight

Food is the hardest part for a lot of people when it comes to trying to lose weight

It is not the starting of the food plan that is tough, but the consistency and making it interesting and variable so it does not get boring

By tracking your food then you are able to monitor this along with your body weight and see what is really working for you

If you track calories (we don't recommend this by the way) then you can use apps such as MyFitnessPal to do this

Our recommendation for food is to keep it simple

Meal 1 Snack Meal 2 Snack Meal 3

Stick to single ingredient foods where possible

Prep your food through the week for lunches

Keep breakfast simple (most people eat the same Monday to Friday)

Aim to drink 3 litres of water per day

What To Track To Lose Weight And Improve Your Health

Food For Each Day (you do not need to weigh this, just write everything down)

Water Intake

Your Weekly Accountability Tracker

Each week I want you to do 3 things

  1. Weigh Yourself

  2. Take Photos

  3. Write An Honest Opinion of How You Have Found That Week

Fridays are a great day to do this

By writing a journal piece on how you have found the week, you will be able to see a pattern of how your weeks are and your progress

Any mistakes you made you can review and find out why

And wins you have you can celebrate

And by tracking this you are able to look back on the days you do not feel motivated and see how far you have come

How Long Do You Need To Track When Trying To Lose Weight

This is down to you but a minimum would be until you feel comfortable in what you are doing and where everything has become a habit

You do not have. to think about your food and what to eat

You do not have to think about exercise because you know what to do

You do not have to worry about any events and plan just in case because you will know what to do

In order for you to successfully lose weight and keep it off

Build and Focus On Habits and Weight Loss Is Easy

And in order for it to become a habit you must work at it and understand each step you need to do consistently to make it so

Let My Team Take You Every Step of The Way

If this seems too much for you or you want to work with a team who will literally hold you hand and take you through every step to make this possible (we also track everything for you too and monitor it)

Then 'Message Gym Reb3l' and find out more about our 6-Week Transformation Body Challenge

The results you see all online from our clients are based on the principles above and the tracking that we do for our members is key to their success

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