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5 Habits of a Successful Dieter

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

5 habits of a successful dieter

5 Habits of a Successful Dieter And How To Implement These Strategies

From previous blog posts you will understand how important habits are to your success

And the focus on habits and creating habits that align with the results you want is the key

In today post I want to list 5 habits of a successful dieter to give you an idea on what most people have in their daily routine that gets them the weight loss results they want

Habits 1 of a Successful Dieter: Protein Is Your First Food Choice

Protein is the only macro nutrient you need to worry about and ensure you get your daily levels

Worrying about your carbohydrate or fat intake is irrelevant unless you are an athlete or about to step on stage

They should be left to how you naturally eat

Not only is protein important to muscle repair it has also been linked in many studies to aid weight loss

Eating protein with EVERY meal is an effective way to stay on track

Alongside its muscle repair, another benefit of protein is that it will make you feel fuller


The first tool you should get right when starting your weight loss program

  • Concentration

  • Energy

  • Digestion

  • Sleep

The list goes on to the amazing benefits of water

It is your number one tool and the first part of any weight loss plan that you should get right

Habits 2 of a Successful Dieter: Water Intake

Water is essential to overall health and your aim for 2-3 litres of water per day

Build up to this and you will notice huge changes in your body

Better Sleep

Better Concentration Higher Energy Levels

Improved Digestion

Improved Recovery

Lack of water is also a huge mistake people make, and people often mistake hunger for thirst

Habit 3 of a Successful Dieter: Create A Routine

By building your workout (exercise) routine in to your weekly schedule and also having time of the week where you plan your foods

You are creating a routine that will give you a far greater chance of success

Waking up with the mindset of 'should I, or shouldn't I go to the gym' is wrong

You need to know each week what you plan is for that week and then have a contingency plan in place just in case

You need to ensure that you look after you and do everything possible to give you the best chance

At the start of each week;

  • Plan the days you will work out and what you are going to do

  • Plan your meals

  • Plan your shopping trips

  • Make a contingency plan in case things change

Remember too... If you are someone who doesn't workout and hates the gym you can still get fit and healthy through other forms of exercise so do not use that as an excuse

Habit 4 of a Successful Dieter: Weigh-In To Track Progress

I understand the scales can become an obsession but the idea to weigh in in a weight loss plan is to

1. Keep you on track

2. Monitor how your foods and exercise are helping/affecting you

3. Let you make any changes necessary

You need to understand that when you weigh yourself there are a lot of factors that can influence how much you weigh in the morning no matter how good you have been on your food

If you weight yourself every day then you need to take a 7-day average on your results

TIP: It is easy to get focused on the scales but also focus on the 'wins' you have each week

If you stay the same focus on the fact you have stuck to your foods, drank the water, stayed active and are making positive changes

There will be times when your weight stays the same but it is not a big deal if you are doing everything else right

And if you are not... then you know why it has stayed the same

Habits 5 of a Successful Dieter: Monitor Your Progress

  • Keeping a food diary

  • Tracking your food

  • Recording your workouts

  • Tracking your weight

  • Assessing your moods

  • Keeping a journal

These are all things you can do to track your results and look at any potential changes you might be able to make

Track how you get on with each element of your fitness plan and give yourself a score out of 10 for each day

Simple, but effective as you can see which areas you need to improve

These are really simple tips you can use to implement to a healthy weight loss program and get the results you want and deserve

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