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How To Goal Set For Weight Loss

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

how to goal set for weight loss

Whether it is the 'last 5lbs' or 50lbs

Goal setting and tracking is a must in your weight loss program

And in this post I want to teach you how not only set goal(s) specific to this

But to also show you how you can ensure you hit every single one and stay on track along the way

The trick to with weight loss goals is to go AGAINST what you have been taught in goal setting

In traditional goal setting you are taught to go with the end in mind

So, if the goal is to save for a house and you need 30k

Then this is what you write down

Most people when it comes to weight loss will understandably set a weight loss target, for example 10 stone

Let's say that in X months they reach 10 stone

They stand in front of the mirror and then say 'I need to lose a bit more off my stomach'

So the goal posts change

And away they go

  • More Crunches

  • Less Foods

  • More Workouts

The truth is, that is way the goals are very rarely reached

And when they are

Most people put the weight back on

How To Goal Set For Weight Loss

I want you to close your eyes (not yet because you need to read the next bit to know what you are doing)

Close your eyes and imagine your 'perfect self'

And in this case I want to imagine you have your ideal body shape

We won't go too deep and talk about other aspects of this type of training

But for now I want you to imagine you have the body you want

Now what I want you to do is to think about what your 'training' lifestyle will be like

  • How many times will you go to the gym?

  • What type of training will you do?

  • How does your social life look?

  • The types of meals and snacks you eat?

Close your eyes and imagine your 'perfect body self' and then answer the questions

Get a pen and paper or the notes on your phone and write them down

You Have Just Created The Framework To Your Weight Loss Success

The answers above have given you an insight in to what you believe you must do to get the

results you want

What you have imagines are new habits and routines that you feel you need to implement in your life to get the body you want

These 'habits' now become your goals

Weight Loss Must Never Be Your Main Focus For Success

When you lose weight and change your body shape you start to realise that how much you weigh is irrelevant

How you feel in your clothes

How your confidence changes

How you feel about yourself

These all become more important than the scales

We generally look at the scales to give us confidence

But confidence comes from building routines that make us happy

Over a period of time when your weight decreases and your body shape changes your focus becomes on the above

When you look at your body and notice changes, this keeps the motivation

Of course you are going to look at it and focus on areas you really want to change too - that is only natural

But.... by knowing each day you are doing specific tasks to make you feel better you will never lose

This Is Why Goals Should Become Habits

If you are an athlete or training for a show - then it makes perfect sense to have a goal, an end date

But if you are someone who is training to lose weight then having a goal as specific to weight is not right

And it is why most people will fail

You need to focus on the changes you need to make to lead the life you want and each day make sure you tick these off

We offer this to clients in our Performance Planner manual which allows clients to track their daily 'habits'

And everything that once was a chore or you struggles with suddenly becomes part of the routine

And that is how you build a successful weight loss program

Remember To Celebrate The Small Wins Too

Along your weight loss journey you are going to have some amazing wins too and it is really important that you RECOGNISE and ACKNOWLEDGE these wins


The first time you can run X distance

The first time you complete X exercise

Your first press up

Your first X class

And most importantly

Celebrate each day that you are continue to make changes

You have drank sufficient water

You have eaten specific foods

You have exercised when needed

You have had enough sleep

...... etc etc

Acknowledging the wins and changes is what keeps you motivated

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