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3 Steps To Fix Your Weight Loss Journey

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

fix your weight loss

During your weight loss journey there are going to be times where you just either want to chuck the towel in and ask 'if it worth it?'

Or where your weight loss will plateaux and you just can't seem to fix what is happening

Both if these examples above are very similar as they can be fixed with 3 simple steps

You can implement all 3 of these right away

1. Start With The Basics

Most people when they start a weight loss program go all out

Exercise 4-5x per week

Completely change their food

Load up on herbal tea

And eventually one of 2 things happen

You either plateaux and have no where to go in terms of changes you can make

or, You burn yourself out and find the commitments you made at the start are either not right for you or do not truly fit with your schedule

Instead try this

Commit to tracking your calories so you are in a calorie deficit or write a meal plan for the week that you can realistically stick to

Commit to 2-3 workouts per week to raise your heart rate

Commit to 8k-10k steps each day

2. Plan For Minimal Effort

There are going to be days/weeks when work/family and life will just get in the way

And this can be where people use this as an excuse to stop everything

During these weeks write down what the MINIMUM you can do so that you stay on track

Can you commit to 1-3 workouts for 20-30 minutes?

Can you still maintain your food intake?

Can you still get the required amount of sleep to recover?

What is the absolute minimum you can do and stay on track?

3. Understand The Process

There are things elements you must understand to ensure that you see this out to get to your goals

  1. It Is A Lifestyle

  2. It Is Something You Enjoy

  3. It Aligns With Your Beliefs

People get successful in anything because it is something they enjoy

The process, the 'doing' and the experience is something they absolutely love and the feeling it gives them is why they continue

If you are following a food plan and exercise routine that you do not enjoy or it does not match up to your beliefs you will fail

You may lose weight... but long-term it will go back on

The journey you take must be something you enjoy and that covers both Exercise and


Never do anything for 'quick results' and always look to the sustainability of the journey you take

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