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The Best Weight Loss Program In Liverpool

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

the best weight loss program in Liverpool

Whether you want to lose;

  • The last bit of stomach fat

  • Your last stone

  • Or 5 stone plus

The struggles of trying to lose weight can become very frustrating and cause a lot of stress for most people

This is why when people are looking for a weight loss program in Liverpool the term they will more than likely type in to Google is, Liverpool's Best Weight Loss Program

But how do you know the program you have selected is the best weight loss plan?

We have put together 4 questions you need to ask before you join any weight loss program that will help you find the best plan for you

Is This Program Sustainable?

Some people (mainly out of desperation) will join a program with the idea that it is going to be 'The Kick Start I Need' to get a ton of weight off quickly and keep them motivated

The problems is that these programs are generally not sustainable long-term and while you may get short term results - the long term result is that you may be back to where you started

You also need to look at what the diet involves and if this is something you can see yourself sticking to long term as well

Do you want to be tracking, scanning and weighing your foods, living of shakes and tablets or eating a certain type of food long term...?

If not.. then it is not for you

Does It Fit In With My Lifestyle?

  • Work

  • Family

  • Social

While some changes will need to be made you need to understand if this new weight loss plan is going to fit in with your lifestyle

What if you have a sociable lifestyle or job - are you able to maintain that with small changes and still get the results you want

This is why it is essential that any weight loss plan is built just for you and not generic

Will This Program Get Me The Results I Want (And Keep Them)?

Have a look at the programs testimonials and also speak with members who have been following the program for at least 12 months (ideally a few years)

Are the results they are getting similar to the results you want and most importantly...

The people who have achieved the results they want... have they managed to maintain them

Why This Is The Best Weight Loss Program In Liverpool

This is the most crucial part of any weight loss program

For you to truly achieve long-term, sustainable weight loss results the program must be built around you learning the right habits to keep the results you have achieved

If this is not the case then the program won't work long-term

Think of it like this...

The current habits you have (not including medical) have got you the body shape you currently have

Your personal trainer or coach must be able to identify the personal habits you need to change in order for you to get the results you want

If you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off then you must understand that habits are crucial for this

This is why at Gym Reb3l we never recommend calorie counting for members of our 6-week transformation challenge

We want them to learn habits they can continue with

And for most people;

Scanning and weighing their foods daily isn't sustainable and most importantly... isn't

something they want to be doing 6 months from now... let alone 6 years


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