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9 Weight Loss Tips For Women

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

weight loss tips for women

Starting a weight loss journey can seem quite daunting, especially if it is something you have tried in the past without long term success

The notion that it is simply a case of 'Eat Less, Move More' has proven to be wrong

In fact studies have shown that everything from sleep right through to your days stress can play a role in your weight loss journey

At Gym Reb3l, we have put together 9 weight loss tips for women to help them get started and give a fantastic guide

Here are our top 9 weight loss tips for women

1. Lift Weights

Adding resistance training to your workout will help you to build muscle and make amazing changes to your body shape

You do not need to worry about looking like a body builder as this will not happen (unless you take serious amounts of steroids)

Instead lifting weights will not only challenge you mentally helping you to grow that way

But it will also tone your muscle and give your body more of a shape, while helping to increase the calories burnt at rest to 'feed the muscles'

2. 3 Litres of Water Per Day

On any healthy program water is always one of your first port of calls

Water not only helps to increase your energy, concentration, recovery, sleep and digestion

But studies have shown that drinking water with meals can help to reduce your calorie in take because a lot of people mistake thirst for hunger

3. Have Protein With Every Meal

Protein not only helps to repair the muscle but it plays a huge role in hunger

Protein takes longer to digest and so by putting protein with each meal studies have shown that it may reduce your calorie intake by up to 15%

4. 90 Minutes Cardio Per Week

Cardio is so important for cardiovascular health but it also helps to increase your calorie output

90 minutes of cardiovascular activity is what we recommend and whether that is walking, running or a X-trainer... put 3 sessions of cardio in to your weekly routine and build it up

5. Keep A 21-Day Food Diary

Keeping a food diary by either writing it down, using notes on your phone or logging through a fitness app will help to give you a better understanding of your food intake

You may also notice patterns in how you eat and if eating certain foods in the day are making you more hungry at night

Log your foods for the first 21 days and hold yourself accountable

6. Keep The Snacks Simple

Snacking can be the downfall of a lot of diets so having simple snacks in place makes this process easier

Yoghurt and Fruit (or small handful of nuts) work incredibly well

Or keeping nuts, seeds and fruit in the boot of your car if you are struggling or stuck on a day out


What you are embarking on is a Healthier You

So what you are doing is not dieting, you are making small changes to your eating habits and lifestyle for the future

Treat this as a true transformation and rather than focus on short term results like most people do (which is why they fail)

Focus on the long term and how these new habits you are learning with relation to food and lifestyle are going to serve you for the future

8. Start The Right Way

Your first meal can usually set you up for the day, so make sure you get this right

Think of foods you can prepare the night before or something that can be made quickly, so as not to disturb your morning

And a simple tip... keep your breakfast the same Monday to Friday

This makes the routine easier to follow and takes out the thinking

9. Watch Your Sugar

Calories are important to weight loss, but so to is sugar - and more so for health too

Watch your sugar intake each day and keep it to the minimum

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