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The Best Weight Loss Plan In Liverpool

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

the best weight loss plan in Liverpool

We want to help you find the best weight loss plan for you to follow that gives you the results you want and the body shape goals you want.

In this article we have put together the core essentials of any weight loss plan and what you need to look out for

These are not fad tips or a process that requires you to sign up to purchasing products or pointless calorie counting diets

These are real world tips that you can implement over the next 6 weeks to get you the weight loss results you want

What Is The Best Weight Loss Plan in Liverpool

The best way to answer this is to reverse it and tell you what isn't

What isn't the best weight loss plan is one that you have to go back to: If you have started a weight loss program and you have either gained the weight or not stuck to the habits learned

Then the truth is that plan hasn't worked for you

A successful weight loss plan is a program that teaches you HABITS to get the results you want

Let us say you joined a slimming club and lost 2 stone...

That is an amazing results

BUT... over the next few months you gained most or all of the weight back

And you then tell yourself

I will 'Go Back' to the slimming club (you could insert shake, pills, trainer or anything here) Monday

If you have to go back to something like this

It simply hasn't worked

For a program to work it must teach you habits that you can stick to

Think about it

If you drive

Do you have to think when to change gear, indicate or break?


It just happens... 'I need to turn right here' and before you know it you have signalled, break and made the turn

The only thought was what you have to do next

This is the same with weight loss

I need to eat...

Rather than grab food that made you gain weight - you automatically (that is what habits are... automatic) grab something that fits with your gaols

Do Not Calorie Count To Lose Weight

Habits are the main reason we do not recommend calorie counting for losing weight at Gym Reb3l

You are learning something that you then become reliant on

And if this is something you want to do for the next 10+ years then yes... learn it

But if it is something that you do to 'lose a bit of weight' and then something you have to go

back to so that you can lose weight again - it is not right and makes no sense

What You Must Do Instead To Lose Weight

The arguments people have over and over is that to lose weight you must be in a calorie deficit

So tracking calories make sense

Or so you would think...

But not all calories are equal - and what people mean by this is the nutrients in each calorie

250 calories of chicken will not give you the same quality of nutrients as 250 calories of steak

And this is why the first thing you must do when trying to lose weight is focus on HEALTH

Nutrients Over Calories

That must be your first thought when it comes to the food and drinks you consume

If you focus on HEALTH weight loss is easy <<< read that again...

The Golden 3 Rules of Weight Loss

  • Single Ingredient Foods

  • 3 Litres of Water

  • Activity

When it comes to losing weight these are the 3 things you start with

If you read previous blog posts we actually detail every step of the processes we teach our clients at Gym Reb3l to the amazing weight loss results they get (and you can see their long term results too)

80% of your food needs to come from single ingredient foods

The activity is dependant on where you are now

If you are new to exercise then starting with the 12k steps each day is a good way to get going

Or you can join our 6-Week Transformation Challenge and get a personalised fitness plan for you

Either way...

Getting active and moving is key

Fad Weight Loss Plans

Do not dive in to fitness and weight loss plans based on products or calorie counting

For most people this does not teach them the habits they need for long-term weight loss results

The one question you must ask yourself before you join any plan is

Can I See Myself Doing This Same Eating and Workout Plan 10 Years From Now?

If the answer is YES.... go for it

If no.... keep looking

Are you ready to find out what the best weight loss plan in Liverpool is?

One that get's you incredible results and that is 100% focused around you and your goal?

At Gym Reb3l, we are committed to empowering women in Liverpool on their weight loss journey. Join our 6-Week Weight Loss Challenge and experience a transformative fitness program designed to help you achieve your goals.

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