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3 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

3 reasons you are not losing weight

One of the most common themes from people who come to Gym Reb3l for help is that they are doing X, Y and Z but do not seem to be losing any weight

And this just adds to the stress of trying to lose weight and unfortunately in most cases, people then give up

We have listed the 3 of the most common reasons why you are not losing weight, to help you move forward with your weight loss plan

You Are Consuming To Many Calories

While at Gym Reb3l know you do not need to track calories to lose weight successfully

You must still be aware of the calories from all forms that you are consuming

  • Snacks

  • Drinks

  • Food

  • Alcohol

We sometimes consume foods too which we believe to be a good choice but in fact they can be higher in calories that we expected

If you are struggling to lose weight and believe it may be your total intake then either;

Write down for 7-days everything you consume

Download MyFitnessPal and monitor your calories yourself

You Are Not Being Consistent Enough

Do not become reliant on this as you need to learn to recognise your daily consumption and create habits around your calories intake... and not be reliant on scanning and weighing your intake

You Have No Where To Go

A huge mistake people make when they first start out on trying to lose weight is to make huge changes

Exercise goes from 0 to 4-5 days a week (sometimes 7)

Calorie intake goes from 'weight gain' amount to 1000-1200 (very low)

So when you start to plateaux or your weight slowly increase you have no changes you can make

You can't fit in any more workouts as you don't have time

You can't reduce your calories any more as this will be even more unhealthy

This next bit takes time to get your head around but...

The goal of losing weight is to do as little as possible while consuming as much food as possible so when this happens you have room for changes

Start off with 3x 45 minute workouts per week along with your daily activity level and then keep your food consumption as high as possible while losing weight

BONUS: What You Must Never Do

Seeing the scales drop, your body shape change, close fitting better and/or dropping dress sizes plus you feel more and more confident is amazing


In any weight loss program there is going to be times where you may not lose weight or things just might not feel as though they are changing

This is where most people make the biggest mistake of them all

They quit!!

The wipe out all the previous hard work and just quit

Undoing everything they have achieved because they can't physically see things changing

If this is you..

Then you need a coach

You need to work with a personal train who will coach you and keep you on track

Make you understand what is happening and the importance of it

By having someone work with you and coach you through the process you will not quit and instead... will achieve your weight loss goals

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