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OMAD One Meal A Day Diet

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

one meal a day diet

The OMAD Diet (One Meal A Day Diet)

One Meal A Day or OMAD is a dieting regime that in the last couple of years has gained a lot publicity

With people sitting down to feasts and munching their way through their daily calories over a couple of hours (usually 2-3)

But it is nothing new

The Warrior Diet, by Ori Hofmekler (published in 2001) is similar to this and that of intermittent fasting where you would fast for 20 hours and eat over a 4 hour window

Intermittent fasting has been proclaimed as this revolutionary way of dieting but it has been used for many years previous to it's release,

The Roman's hated the thought if breakfast and so in their own way followed an intermittent or 'Warrior' style way of eating.... so don't believe the hype that it is a 'new' diet...

It is just regurgitated eating habits used for many many years before being put down in to a book and business

Often people want to know ' What Is The Best Diet'

And while you can give a general term on what to include in the 'best diet'

The rules of dieting are always the same

In both the OMAD and Warrior Diet the calories are consumed in a small window

With intermittent fasting it is the same rule, consume your calories in an 8 hour window

All 3 of the diet examples above will be the 'best' way for some people to lose weight because they simply fit with their lifestyle

If you are someone who loves a takeaway at the weekend and to add alcohol

Then using the OMAD or Warrior Diet method will work

You just count the calories in your takeaway and then order within your totals and allow some for drink

It really is as simple as doing what is right for you when it comes to following a diet

Which is why you should never look to join a diet with a 'name'

Generally, a diet with a name as a set of fixed protocols and systems that you follow

For this to be successful the diet must allow for

  • Work Commitments

  • Family Commitments

  • Lifestyle Commitments

  • Beliefs

  • Likes and Dislikes

And unfortunately most of them won't

The Best Way To Find A Diet For You

For 21 days track your calories (or your personal trainer will do it for you)

It will be a headache for some but it is 100% worth it

Over those 21 days just aim to hit your daily calories and protein targets

After 21 days sit down and;

  • Look at your eating habits

  • The Times You Eat

  • The Food You Eat

  • The Quantities For Each Day (some days situations or previous days food means you might eat more/less the next day)

And if you want to give yourself a full label on how you eat, look at your carbohydrate and fat levels

And you can then label yourself a high carb, low carb or keto 'dieter' 😊

The Choice Is With YOU

As mentioned everything must fit around you

So eating the bulk or all of your calories in the evening might work, and if that does fit best for you then carry it through

The Only Eating Habits You Need To Change To Lose Weight Is Quantity

Read that 'diet saving' quote again

The Only Eating Habits You Need To Change To Lose Weight Is Quantity


While calories are important, so is getting high amounts of nutrients from your food too

So once you have managed the calorie part

Start to add in more single ingredient foods along the way


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