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The Best Way For Women To Lose Weight

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

the best way for women to lose weight

The best way for women to lose weight comes down to 3 things

  • Single Ingredient Foods

  • Low Sugar Content

  • Activity

Weight loss does come down to total calories for that day and while it may be something you might track in the future

For those starting out you need to keep it simple and start with the basics

Scanning, weighing and logging you food each day can add more stress to your weight loss journey - and for a lot of people calorie counting does not work

Which is why at Gym Reb3l we don't recommend it

Instead we focus on 6 core principles

And the 3 mentioned above are 3 of what we cover on our 6-week challenge

If You Focus On Health... Weight Loss Is Easy

While most clients come to Gym Reb3l and join our 6-week challenge because they want to lose weight

We turn the focus on think long-term

At Gym Reb3l the focus has to be on creating habits

And so if we can focus the clients on the importance of getting healthy and understanding

how being healthy makes you feel

It makes the whole process so much easier

And if you are getting healthier

Then your habits change and so does your body weight

First, Focus On The Quality of Your Foods

At Gym Reb3l we hate it when we see other adverts from personal trainers or weight loss programs advertising 'Eat What You Want and Lose Weight'

While this may appeal to people the job of a personal trainer is to not only help you to lose weight and increase your muscle tone

They also have to help you to establish healthy habits and improve your health

Losing weight will help to improve your health but if you are still making unhealthy choices and filling your day with the snacks or drinks that made you put on weight in the first place, you are not doing it right

Yes, you may be managing things better but your diet must still be made up of 80% single ingredient, nutritious foods

400 Calories or processed foods will not give you the same nutrition content as 400 calories of single ingredient foods

So, when you are shopping, stick to single ingredient foods

Low Sugar Content Foods

Sugar can make even the most disgusting foods taste amazing and unfortunately sugar is the ultimate killer when it comes to health problems

Obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes to name just a few problems

A huge problem with sugar based foods or added sweeteners was that the 'low fat' craze took this off the scale

Food company's would replace the fats with either sugar or sweeteners to help with the taste which in turn has resulted in poorer diets

Side Note: Fats are amazing for you; nuts, seeds, fish...

Stay away from smoothies, syrups and processed foods

Increase Your Activity

Getting active is so important

It helps to improve circulation, muscles tone, increase your cardiovascular output and most importantly... it makes you feel good

Whether it is

  • Walking

  • Running

  • Gym

  • Fitness Classes

  • Golf (walk don't take the buggy)

  • Swimming

Anything that is going to increase your heart rate and improve your cardiovascular health

Make sure it is something you enjoy and that is sustainable


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