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The 80/20 Rule To Lose Weight

the 80 20 rule to lose weight

There are so many diet plans and 'rules' that people try to follow when it comes to losing weight

And the one true rule that works for weight loss is to be in a calorie deficit

But... that does not necessarily mean that your weight loss is healthy

Which is why the next focus of that calorie deficit should be to eat 80% of your daily intake as single ingredient foods

This ensures you avoid the bulk of potentially harmful chemicals placed in to your foods

And you increase your daily intake of nutrients

However... this 80/20 rule is not the original rule that most people talk about when they mention the 80 20 rule to lose weight

When it comes to this people are talking about following a healthy weight loss plan Monday to Friday and then relaxing at the weekend

Exactly the same as what we recommend at Gym Reb3l during our 6 week body transformation challenge

The rule should really be 71.43/28.57 rule of fat loss... But we will leave it as 80 20 rule to lose weight to make it sound better... and people like round numbers

There are 2 things you must remember when following this rule

  1. You Must Still Be In A Calorie Deficit To Lose Weight

  2. You Must Still Stay Hydrated

When we recommend this way of thinking at Gym Reb3l during our 6 week challenge and to our members

We Focus Slightly Differently At Gym Reb3l

Things should not feel like a 'treat' and instead should feel part of your routine

Instead of having the mindset of thinking 'I Can Relax This Weekend' it should be switched to being just another day

And if you feel like certain foods, drinks or meals then have them

But just be aware of the quantity of the foods

It should not be used as an excuse to just switch off and eat anything you want

You will find if you do this correctly then the bulk of your food intake will still come from similar sources, the only difference will be in the extra foods and drinks you want to include

Your goal when trying to change your body shape and lose weight is to create healthy habits that align with those goals

Look at things you can do each day to create habits that take you closer to your goals

Think about it like this

If you want to look a certain way in terms of your body shape

What must you do each day?

What foods must you eat?

How should you train?

What should you avoid/cut back on?

Everything comes at a small sacrifice when it comes to getting the body shape that you want

But the results and how you feel will make that worth it

Skipping wine in the week in exchange for wine at the weekends and a body you can be proud of...

What is it worth to you?

And if you want help...

Click below to Whats APP Gym Reb3l direct and find out how our 6-Week Body Transformation Program has helped 1000's of women change their body shape and get control over their health and fitness

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