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Personal Trainers in Liverpool

Updated: Jan 15

personal trainers in Liverpool

Your Ultimate Guide to Personal Trainers in Liverpool And What To Look For

Lover the past 20 years Liverpool’s fitness scene has increased beyond recognition

From when we set up Liverpool’s first personal training studio under Matt Ibbs Personal Training, to a re brand to Liverpool Personal Training Studios, and now on to Gym Reb3l

The choice of personal trainers in Liverpool has grown to an incredible rate

Personal training and fitness classes in Liverpool have grown to a huge level or popularity and now there are more and more choices for you to make

This guide on the best personal trainers in Liverpool is your little ticket to discovering what to look for in a personal trainer and the benefits of hiring a personal trainer

The Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer

For many, the journey to fitness can be daunting

How often should you work out?

What exercises suit your body type?

What is the best diet to follow?

What exercises should I be doing?

How many times a week should I train?

A personal trainer eliminates the guesswork

A detailed Approach to Fitness:

More than just a workout guide, a personal trainer understands the body's complexities

They ensure you're not only working out effectively but also safely

Each plan put together by the personal trainer is focused on you, you exercise experience, mobility and any previous injuries

When looking for a personal trainer in Liverpool ask the trainer you see for examples of clients workout history

Personal trainers should be able to show you previous workout programs and the developments of their clients

If they can’t, then it means there is no structure to their workouts and they just give them generalised plans when the client arrives (avoid these types of personal trainers)

Avoid Common Workout Mistakes:

Incorrect postures and techniques can lead to injuries

Personal trainers ensure that you maintain the right form, safeguarding you from potential pitfalls

And by having a personal trainer watch and coach you through each aspect of the workout they will enhance the form of the exercise for maximum results, and to your own personal safety

Achieve Results Faster:

With a structured workout regime designed specifically for you, you'll find yourself reaching your goals faster than you imagined

No more wasting time in the gym wondering what to do

You will now have a detailed workout program specific to you that you follow each time

When you work with a personal trainer, if you are with them 2x per week

They should give you an additional plan to follow for outside of that session to keep you on track

If they don’t or just tell you to ‘go to the gym’ then avoid

Everything you are paying for with a personal trainer needs to be structured and plan specific

Ensure you get additional workouts and guides, or avoid this personal trainer if they don’t

And again, do not be scared to ask for this support in your personal training consultation and ask to see examples of this for their current clients

Boosted Motivation:

Those days when you feel like skipping the gym?

A personal trainer keeps you accountable, ensuring consistency in your fitness journey

And while motivation is key to getting started

Your personal trainer helps you to stay consistent, which is the most important part of building up your new fitness regime

Continual Assessment:

Weekly reviews, ensure that you're on the right track, making necessary adjustments to keep up with your evolving needs

1-2-1 Nutritional Coaching and Its Benefits

Achieving fitness isn't just about sweating it out in the gym

Nutrition plays a pivotal role:

Complementary Meal Plans:

What you consume post-workout can make or break your fitness goals

Personal trainers will create meal plans that help with recovery from your workouts and keep you on target for your body shape goals

Contingency Plans:

Last minute meetings, longer days out with the family… sometimes things just get in the way and sticking 100% to your food plan just doesn’t seem possible

But with a personal trainer you are giving contingency plans to help you through this

If any events are unsuspecting circumstances arise then you will know exactly what to do to stay on track

The Personal Trainer as Your 24/7 Support Tool

Your relationship with your personal trainer isn't confined to the walls of the gym:

Beyond the Gym:

From emotional support to motivational boosts, a personal trainer wears multiple hats to ensure you're always at your best


Even outside training sessions, knowing someone's tracking your progress keeps you in check

Always There:

Have a sudden query or concern?

Your personal trainer is just a call away, ensuring you're never left in doubt

As mentioned before we are Liverpool’s longest serving personal training studios

And our personal trainers are on hand to help you get the body shape that you want

While helping you to build the habits need to sustain your results

There will be no calorie counting or weighing out your foods

We coach you through sustainable habits so when you make your food choices they are instinctive and you know exactly what to do

Your workouts are personal to you and in no way are they generic

We can show you all clients workouts at Gym Reb3l and how they are all different and specific to the individual

If does not matter what your current levels of fitness are, your exercise history, or whether you have any injuries

Our personal trainers will put together a personalised plan specific to you

Take the first step today and find out more about our personal training programs before booking your initial, free, personal training consultation

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