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How To Lose Weight Fast, And Other Weight Loss Questions

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

how to lose weight fast

Today I want to address the 3 most common questions when it comes to losing weight and also what people search for

For most, when it comes to losing weight they tend to try things out of desperation of getting fast weight loss result

And when you are desperate for a result, you tend to throw out the care of long term success, especially when it comes to losing weight

Let us look at the 3 most common questions when it comes to losing weight.

How To Lose Weight Fast

  • You can sit in a sauna to lose weight

  • Strap yourself up in a bin liner and go for a walk

  • Take diuretics

  • Sip on shakes all day

  • Or even just fast (or starve...)

These are all simple ways that can help you to lose weight fast

But the problem with all of these is that for most people they are not sustainable

And while fast weight loss is achievable, your goal is for fast weight loss with sustainable results

And there are far better solutions for this

Can I Lose 2 Stone In 1 Month?

2 stone in 30-days is around 1.07lbs per day (2 stone is 28lbs)

There is a theory that if you drop your calories by 500 per day then you will be down 3500 per week, which some will tell you that will equate to 1lb of body fat

But the truth is you don't know

Out of those calories being dropped and the scales lowering, you will not know the make-up of that weight loss and how much is water, bloating and body fat

2 stone in 30-days is a huge ask, one that is not recommend to aim for and one that will put your body under a huge stress

It will affect your energy, sleep, recovery, increase the risk of injury and most importantly... affect your mood

Unless you have a huge amount of weight to lose this, for most, is an unattainable goal

The main problem with this is that it teaches us unsustainable, unhealthy habits that will have little to no benefit on our life

How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

The secret to losing weight and keeping it off comes down to 1 thing


The habits you create around your food, exercise and lifestyle are the ones that determine the shape of your body

It is that simple

So, for you to get the body shape you want you must learn the habits needed to make that achievable

  • The foods you eat

  • The water you drink

  • The alcohol you consume

  • The workouts you do

  • The sleep you have

  • The supplements (if any) you take

All these things add up and once you have identified the habits you need

Then you will get the body shape you want

Gym Reb3l 6-Week Body Transformation Challenge

A huge component to the success of our body transformation program at Gym Reb3l is down to our coaching

We coach our clients habits

We don't believe in calorie counting (who wants to weigh, measure and scan everything they eat)

We believe in you learning sustainable habits that makes it second nature to live the life you want with the body shape you want

And what sets us differently from our semi private coaching programs is our attention to the individual

No matter what your level of experience is, your current fitness levels or your goals

We tailor all our programs to you

From the moment you start our program you are taking on an individual assessment

From there we then program a personalised workout plan just for you

This plan then aligns with your nutritional coaching program, where you will get 1-2-1 calls each week

Find out more about our coaching program and remember to check out some of our clients amazing results (Transformation Results)

We are here to help and support you and make the years of trying and struggling to lose weight a thing of the past

Try our exclusive program by booking your first call today

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