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How To Lose Weight

how to lose weight

Losing weight comes across as incredible simply but in truth it is one of the hardest things for people to do

The pressure, frustration and anger that be associated with losing weight is often what makes most people quit

Which is why, in this article how to lose weight, we are going to break down the exact steps you need to know in order for you to put together a healthy weight loss program

Understanding Weight Loss

You lose weight by simply taking in less calories than you need each day and this is worked out based on your Target Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE)

And this where a lot of the problems start for some poeple

With this information their first step is to then start to download a fitness app such as MyFitnessPal and start to track calories

And while in theory this is the right thing to do, for a lot of people this does not work and the reason is their focus

Their focus is on the calorie content of the food and not the quality of the food

Healthy Weight Loss -v- Unhealthy Weight Loss

Over the years we have seen many diet fads come and go

  • Soup Diets

  • Shake Diets

  • Pills

Due to the desperation to lose weight some people may choose to sacrifice their health for their weight loss goals

And while they may lose weight in the short term, very few manage to keep it off long term and so the cycle starts to repeat as the frustration of trying to lose weight increases

Sustainable steps is key to losing weight and it is why at Gym Reb3l we focus our clients on habit

Healthy habit changes that will not only help them to lose weight but will ensure they manage to keep the weight off long term, and learn habits needed to sustain this

Healthy habits include

Water Intake

Food Quality (Single Ingredient Foods)

Daily Activity (steps)

Sleeping Patterns

Habits you can start to introduce every few weeks to help out your new weight loss program and healthy lifestyle

How To Create A Balanced Diet Plan

Putting together your food plan should start with you looking at the types of foods you are going to be bringing in to your daily intake

2-3 Pieces of Fruit Per Day

5-7 Portions of Veg

Lean Protein

Whole Grains (if it fits with your eating plans)

Healthy Fats (Fish, Nuts, Seeds...)

These form the basics of your food intake and 80% of your daily requirement should come from Single Ingredient Foods

Planning your meal times is also essential as it creates consistency and allows you to then plan your meals

If you have a lifestyle, family or job commitments that sometimes as unexpected meetings etc, then you can use this to plan contingencies such as additional snacks to cover the food or as a last resort a meal replacement shake/bar

Activity Is Key To Weight Loss

Daily activity is one of the quickest ways to increase your daily calorific burn

Step targets starting from 5000 per day is a fantastic way to get started

Gym workouts, personal training, fitness classes, swimming and other activities are also crucial to your success

When you are deciding what exercise you want to do it needs to be something you enjoy or something you can see yourself getting in to

There is no point joining a yoga class if you know that it is not for you, find something you love and enjoy, or something you like the idea of and plan your sessions for each week

Book these in to the diary along with your daily step targets and increase your activity

How To Stay Motivated When Trying To Lose Weight

Motivation is amazing when you first start to lose weight and it is usually what gets us started (the motivation to change and lose weight) and is what keeps us going for the first few weeks

But... motivation doesn't last forever

And there can be many reason why we lose motivation

There may be a couple of weeks where the scale weight does not move, this can affect motivation and cause people to stop

The routine of committing to getting up 3-4x a week before the start of your day could be getting too much and the 'snooze' button becomes your saviour

Simply not enjoying making changes or the workouts you are doing, might be enough for people to stop

Where in this case working with a personal trainer or coach is essential as they can make the necessary changes needed to keep you on track

Losing Weight Is Tough

There is one golden rule that I want you to take from this that will make the whole weight loss journey easy for you

If You Focus On Health... Weight Loss Is Easy

Gym Reb3l 6 Week Challenge

At Gym Reb3l all clients both online and in person start with our 6-week body transformation challenge

This allows you to work with one of our personal trainers to establish the right habits when it comes to getting the weight loss and body shape results that you want

Everything is personal to you and it is one of the reason why we have so many weight loss transformations and 6 week body shape transformations from clients who have gone through our coaching programs

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