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Success Stories: Body Transformations With Personal Trainers in Liverpool

personal trainers in liverpool

Discover the 6 week body transformation program in Liverpool that has helped 1000's of women both in person and online lose weight and change their body shape with the help of the personal trainers Liverpool at Gym Reb3l

Working with a personal trainer is one of the fastest ways to achieving your health and fitness results

By working with our personal trainers at Gym Reb3l you will get a personalised coaching program and food plan, along with dedicated support in helping you ahceive your health and fitness goals

Why Personal Trainers in Liverpool Are So Effective

A lot of people will join a gym and then have no program to follow, they may attend and complete random exercises but there is no structure to their workouts

If you want to achieve serious results then you need to add structure to your plan and follow a specific workout that is built for the results you want

When working with a personal trainer from Gym Reb3l we will build you a dedicated fitness plan that is specific to you and is based around

Your Goals

Your Exercise History

Your Experience

Any Injuries, Mobility Issues

Your Confidence Levels

All of this is essential to ensure that you get the right personal training program for you and the results that you want

Gym Reb3l Client Body Transformation Challenges

personal trainers in liverpool

personal trainers in liverpool

How Our Clients Eliminated Her Bloating, GAINED 2kg And Transformed Her Body Shape

Not all body transformations are focused on weight loss and in this case our clients suffered with IBS and bloating

We look at the 3 main components that caused this and structured her daily habits and nutritional program to achieve the results you see in this transformation

Challenges Faced: IBS and Bloating plus needed to gain muscle

Training Plan: 3x a week dedicated strength training program

Food groups specific to helping with IBS and bloating

personal trainers in liverpool

personal trainers in liverpool

15kg Weight Loss (33lbs... 2 Stone 5lbs loss), More Energy And Focus

Habits are what gives you the long term results you want

And when it comes to losing weight you need to be able to change the habits and install new ones

When you do, you will get incredible results like our clients has here

Challenges Faced: Building habits that fit around their goals, but also around their work and lifestyle

Training Plan: 3x a week dedicated strength training program

8kg (17.6lbs.... 1 Stone 3lbs loss) Weight Loss And A Complete Body Shape Change

As someone who had attend fitness classes, strength training was a new concept but one this client really took too

The weekends were also important to her for socialising and this how we created the perfect program for her to follow

Challenges Faced: No experience in strength training and needed a program that allowed for weekend socialising

Training Plan: 3x a week dedicated strength training program with a flexible eating plan

A Wedding, A Stressful Job and Incredible Results

This transformation was amazing because the lady in this poster suffered with her knees and required injections to stay mobile

By building a dedicated warm up routine and program to build support around her joints but also aligned with her goals

We created a program that delivered amazing results

Challenges Faced: Knee pain and lack of mobility and strength

Training Plan: 3x a week dedicated strength training program plus a warm up specific routine

Join Gym Reb3l 6-Week Body Transformation Challenge

At Gym Reb3l we have a fully customisable weight loss challenge program that will help you to lose weight and change your body shape

The results you see above are from some of our members who have taken the challenge and worked with our personal trainers in Liverpool at Gym Reb3l

Click below to directly Whats APP Gym Reb3l and find out more about our coaching program and the results we can get you

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