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How To Change Your Body Shape

how to change your body shape

One of the reason we want to lose weight is because we are unhappy with our body shape and how it makes us feel

In this article we are going to talk you through the best way on how to change your body shape

Changing your body shape and losing weight should be viewed as 2 different elements

A simple diet with zero exercise will help you to lose weight and of course, it will change your body shape

But what it won't do is increase your muscle tone and give you shape

And this is why it is important when it comes to changing your body shape that you view this as a separate task with different goals

To change your body shape you must do one thing, increase your muscle tone

And we do this through resistance training

The best way to increase muscle tone is to follow a strength based program

Strength Training with weights will do this

But you then have other elements of strength based work that can help

Yoga is strength based to an extent with the movements and holds


Body Weight (Calisthenics)


It doesn't have to be a gym

You need to find something you enjoy that will allow you to put resistance against your muscles

Why Strength Training Is The Best Way To Change Your Body Shape

The reason strength training is so beneficial is because no matter what your level of experience or mobility is

Strength training programs can be developed for the individual

At Gym Reb3l all our clients who follow our 6 week body transformation program are given personalised strength based workouts tailored to their goals and body shape wants

If they have a specific area they want to target then we write the program specific to those areas that allows us to target certain body parts a little more than others

And by tracking and monitoring their program we can ensure they get the results they want

Following a dedicated strength program also allows you to progress the program each month meaning you will not plateaux and continue to see changes to your body shape

Unlike generic fitness classes, strength training programs will enable you to progress and keep the plan personal to you

Gym Reb3l 6 Week Challenge

When you are ready to take the next step let our team of personal trainers at Gym Reb3l work with you and build an easy to follow diet plan and workout program that is built around you and your goals

Each client at Gym Reb3l has their own personalised program so it does not matter what you level of fitness, exercise history, goal or mobility is

The program is built for you and the results that you want


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