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Should You Calorie Count To Lose Weight

should you calorie count to lose weight

Calorie counting has become the 'go to' weight loss tip spread by personal trainers to help their clients to change their body shape and lose weight

And this approach has proven successful for many people over and over

But.... should you calorie count to lose weight, or is there a better way?

Should I Calorie Count To Lose Weight?

When starting any fitness and weight loss plan you need to have a clear go as to your expectations on what you really want from the plan

Is this a short term goal?

Are you trying to find what works?

Is this something you want to do long term?

These are just some of the questions you need to answer to ensure that you find the best diet plan for you

Is Calorie Counting Right For You Long Term

In order for you to sustain your new body shape and weight loss results

You need to ensure that the diet plan you are following is something that you can do long term

So, if you do start to calorie count

Does this lead to another way of eating?

Or are you just going to do this for the rest of your life?

What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight?

The best way to lose weight is to find a diet that enables you to learn the habits needed to consistently lose weight and keep the weight off long term

Any successful diet is based around habits

And this is why it is so important to understand that while calorie counting does help you to lose weight

For a lot of people it is not the best diet for them

And this is the main reason why we at Gym Reb3l do not recommend calorie counting to our clients

Instead we teach them sustainable habits that will get them the body shape they want

Which in turn means that each day they do not have to think about what they are doing

Gym Reb3l 6-Week Body Transformation Challenge

Find out more about our body transformation challenge at Gym Reb3l and learn the habits needed to get the body shape and weight loss results you want

No calorie counting

No shakes, pills or fad diets

Just a healthy diet that promotes weight loss and gets you in to the best shape of your life

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