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Why Is Weight Loss So Hard

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Weight loss is a journey, we have all heard this many times over but very few of us listen to this

We believe weight loss is a destination, to lose 1, 2, 10 stone… and when we reach that point, we will be happy...

So, by putting an end goal on to this, why is losing weight so hard!

Google is littered with weight loss plans and workouts plans to help us

Some promising ‘rapid weight loss results’ and other wild claims

You only have to Google ‘How to Lose Weight’ to see millions of search results

Which is why we have decided to put together this blog post

And answer the question we all want to know

Why Is Weight Loss So Hard

Let us look at why weight loss is so hard and the elements that make this a tough journey

Weight Loss And Stress

In an age of instant gratification, the weight loss journey is uniquely challenging

We're hardwired to expect swift results, whether it's from two-day shipping or binge-watching entire seasons of a show overnight

I think the term ‘credit card nation’ was created in early 2000’s where people expected instant results

And this transferred across to weight loss and changing your body shape

The months or years or gaining weight was overlooked and we expected to undo those results within weeks

The Pressure We Put on Ourselves

The very act of deciding to lose weight often comes from a place of self-criticism

Feelings of inadequacy, guilt over past indulgences, or dissatisfaction with one's reflection can serve as catalysts for this journey

But they also add an emotional weight, making each step feel heavier than it should

Weight loss is often linked to self-worth

Every missed milestone or minor setback becomes a testament to one's perceived inadequacy

This link between weight and worth intensifies stress, making the journey a constant emotional roller-coaster

If the scales don’t move for a week or two

Or the workouts don’t get easier

Then we instantly think negatively

We ignore the fact we are;

Eating Healthier

Exercising More

Sleeping Better

Instead, we focus on the negatives and not on the overall picture (remember we tell ourselves it’s a journey…)

Social Media and Perceived Societal Standards

The society we live in worships the "ideal" body, a standard that shifts like quicksand

Every era, decade, and year brings a new ideal, bombarding individual with images of perfection

Falling short of these ever-changing standards adds a layer of stress that's external but deeply felt

With social media now and its incredible ‘ability’ to mask real photos with fake filters, expert lightening, and photo angles

We are led to believe that the ‘perfect’ body has a look that may not represent our true image

Quick thought for you: ‘Fitness Influencers’ you see in shape all year round tend to live in a calorie deficit or close to this all year, it is the only way they can maintain their physique (not to mention potential steroid use too)

But the true influencers, competition-based competitors don’t

And the reason is because this level of ‘leanness’ isn’t sustainable or healthy long term

This is not to say you need to ‘get fat’ and put weight on above what is a healthy weight

But the stress you but on your body and hormones by living a certain lifestyle isn’t beneficial and another reason why you can admire they look they have created, but shouldn’t wish for it all year round

Weight Loss And Pressure from Friends and Family

Starting a weight loss journey is a personal decision, but it's rarely experienced in isolation

Friends, family, colleagues - everyone seems to have an opinion, a piece of advice, or, unfortunately, a judgment

If you are someone who has tried to lose weight in the past and been unsuccessful, then this too can lead to unwanted comments and attention as ‘Your Name is on another diet again…’

Unwanted Comments

Whether it's a passing comment about how "that piece of cake won't help your diet" or a well-meaning but misplaced "You look just fine as you are!", words have weight

These comments, while often stemming from concern or ignorance, can derail one's motivation and self-esteem

Weight Loss Isn't Just a Physical Transformation

It's a deeply emotional and mental one

When one's inner struggles are met with external criticism or scepticism, it magnifies the challenge

Missed targets and slip ups can often cause more stress and in some cases leads to people either wiping that day or the rest of the week off and ‘starting again Monday’

The Spotlight Effect

Knowing that family and friends are aware of one's weight loss journey can feel like being under a spotlight

Every choice — to eat dessert, skip a workout, or have a cheat day — feels magnified

This persistent awareness creates a pressure cooker of emotions

The fear of disappointing loved ones, or being the subject of their discussions, adds a layer of complexity to the already challenging journey

Weight Loss And Social Obligations and Fear of Missing Out

Eating out is a huge part of some people’s social circles

And for this some people choose to skip or miss these days adding more stress to their weight loss journey

Food Choices When Eating Out

Every social invitation can feel like a test of willpower

Birthday parties with their tempting cakes, dinner outings with rich cuisines, or even simple gatherings with snacks can pose challenges

Opting out isn't always a viable solution either

Declining invites to stay on track can lead to feelings of isolation or missing out on cherished moments

Balancing Social Expectations

Being on a diet often places one in the limelight

Friends might coax with a "One bite won't hurt!" or question diet choices

Resisting these pressures while maintaining social grace is a delicate balancing act

There's also the internal struggle: the guilt of indulgence versus the fear of social exclusion

It's a tug of war that can leave one emotionally drained

Weight Loss And The ‘All or Nothing’ Approach

Diving headfirst into a new challenge is commendable

However, when it comes to weight loss, an all-or-nothing approach can do more harm than good

Too Much Too Soon

The initial surge of motivation often leads to drastic measures: cutting out all sugars, working out for hours daily, or adopting highly restrictive diets

While this might show results initially, it's unsustainable in the long run

Such extreme measures can lead to burnout, fatigue, and even health complications

The body, when subjected to sudden and severe changes, can retaliate with cravings, mood swings, and a drop in energy

The Cycle of Extremes

This approach fosters a cycle of extreme restriction followed by relapses

A minor slip, like indulging in a favourite snack, can lead to feelings of failure, prompting thoughts like "I've already ruined my diet today; I might as well binge"

This cyclical pattern is not only detrimental to physical health but also wreaks havoc on one's mental well-being

The constant highs of rigid discipline followed by the lows of perceived failure can destroy self-confidence and motivation

How To Make Your Weight Loss Journey A Success

Small Steps Leads to Big Results

Weight loss isn't about massive, sweeping transformations overnight

It's about the tiny, seemingly inconsequential decisions we make each day

These small changes, over time, amass to produce significant results

Habits Are the Key to Your Success

The human brain thrives on routines

Incorporating small, daily habits can wire the brain to expect and even crave these positive behaviours over time

Think of the habits you need to create to have the body shape, lifestyle and weight loss results you want and slowly work at bringing these into your new routine

Have you ever noticed how some people ‘just eat healthy’

This is their habits; this is what they have created over time

Just like you able to drive a car without ever really having to think about it

Diets are the same…

Celebrating Small Wins

Setting micro-goals gives a huge sense of achievement

Instead of focusing solely on the final weight loss target, celebrate the minor milestones along the way

Whether it's being consistent with a new habit for a week, resisting a particular craving, or even noticing a slight positive change in energy levels, these moments deserve recognition

Create The Right Supportive Environment

Your environment can make or break your weight loss journey

The good news? You have control over the atmosphere you cultivate

Open Conversations

Initiate candid discussions with family and friends about your weight loss journey

Express your needs, boundaries, and how they can best support you

Share educational resources or your personal research

This not only helps them understand your journey better but may also dispel misconceptions they might have about weight loss

Find Your Community Outside of Family and Friends

Surround yourself with like-minded individuals

Joining weight loss groups, fitness classes, or online communities can provide a haven of understanding and motivation

Hearing others' success stories, challenges, and strategies can offer both inspiration and actionable insights

With all the negative around social media, there are also a lot of positives when it comes to finding the right supportive communities to help you on the way

Navigating Social Situations with Confidence

Dining out, attending social gatherings, or even a simple coffee date shouldn't become a source of anxiety

With planning and strategies, you can enjoy these occasions without derailing your goals

Preparation is Key

When heading out, a little research goes a long way

Many restaurants now offer nutritional information online

By reviewing menus in advance, you can make informed choices that align with your dietary goals

Carry Healthy Snacks

If you're unsure about the food choices at a social event, having a nutritious backup can prevent unhealthy indulgences

Balancing Enjoyment and Goals

Restricting yourself constantly can lead to feelings of deprivation

It's essential to strike a balance

For instance, if you're at a party, savouring a small portion of your favourite dessert is okay

It's about the overall dietary pattern, not an isolated meal or snack

Remember, food is also about enjoyment

Savour your meals, enjoy the flavours, and make memories

A holistic approach to dieting incorporates both health and happiness

Flexibility Over Rigidity

Your weight loss journey won't always be linear

There will be plateaus, fluctuations, and unforeseen challenges

Instead of rigid targets, cultivate flexibility

Adjust your goals as per your progress and circumstances

Celebrate non-scale victories

Weight is just a number

Focus on other positive changes – improved energy levels, better sleep quality, enhanced mood, or even the joy of trying a new physical activity

Our 6-week challenge has helped 1000’s of women both in person and online lose weight, change their body shape, and create incredible habits that have helped them to keep their new results

Click ‘Message Gym Reb3l Now’ and book your consultation to find out more about our challenges

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