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Easy Weight Loss Hack

Easy Weight Loss Hack

Weight loss doesn't need to be complicated and in this post we want to share with you an easy weight loss hack that you can implement today

Weight loss does not have to be about

Weighing Your Food

Scanning Your Food

Tracking Everything You Eat

For most people this approach (calorie counting) can be stressful and the fear of not tracking or even inputting something you think is 'bad' can cause people to fail when it comes to losing weight

To make weight loss easy you simply need to instal healthy habits

And below are 4 healthy habits you can instal today giving you a simple, easy to follow weight loss hack

Priortise Protein

Apart from helping you with recovery, protein will also help to 'fill you up'

Every meal should have a source or protein and the time it takes to digest can help you to reduce your daily calorie intake

Walk 8-10k Steps Per Day

Daily activity is a crucial habit to improving your health and losing weight

By simply setting a target of a minimum of 8000 steps per day will increase your daily calorie output and help you to lose weight

Moving forward you would want to have this as a consistent workout so you would walk for 20-40 minutes each day

Strength Train 3x Per Week

Apart from having a a huge impact on the shape of your body pushing weight helps to build muscle and improve confidence

For women, as they get older they are more susceptible to fractures and osteoporosis, especially during and after the menopause

By lifting weights you may help to reduce the risk

Stay Hydrated

When improving your health and losing weight water should be your go to choice and the first habit you look to instal

By drinking a minimum of 3 litres per day, you will

Improve Digestion

Improve Sleep

Reduce Stress

Boost Energy

Boost Concentration

Help With Recovery

Water is key when it comes to health so start to work up to a minimum of 3 litres each day

These 4 simple steps are the habits you need to instal to lose weight and change your body shape

When starting your plan remember this 'If You Focus On Health... Weight Loss Is Easy'

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