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How To Track Weight Loss Without Using Scales

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

how to track weight loss without using the scales

The scales can always be seen as either a 'happy' results or an 'angry/sad/disappointing' result

And while they may seem important

The truth is they are not

Yes, you may have a weight loss target in mind

But... Ask yourself this

What If You Didn't Weigh Yourself For 4 Months and Felt Amazing....

...but jumped on the scales and realised you were not the weight you 'wanted' to be

Can you see?

The only real reason you should be tracking weight is to give you a rough guide on your food intake and also to measure weight gain during 'time of the month'

The other reason is for your personal trainer or coach to use this as a guide to see your progress and to make any relevant changes to your food/exercise program to keep you on track

Which is why this article is so important to your progress

You will discover the Most Essential ways you need to track your weight loss progress without the use of scales

Step 1: Pictures

They say 'Pictures Say 1000 Words' and when it comes to seeing shape changes in your overall body shape these are amazing guides

When you take these take them from 3 sides

Front: Standing facing the camera with your arms by your side and your chin parallel to the ground

Side: The exact same stance as the front

Back: The exact same too :)

Remember the rules too: No sucking your stomach in or holding your head high

Step 2: Measurements

You can measure throughout the body, arms, waist, hips, abdominals and thighs are the main areas

But we recommend just the abdominal measurement and thigh measurement (3 or5 inches from the top of the knee cap)

When measuring the abdominals use your belly button as a guideline to get consistent measurements each time

Step 3: Clothes

This is probably the greatest feeling

Getting ready for a night out and then putting something on that you just feel amazing in

All that work over the weeks/months/years as come to fruition and you feel incredible

And this one probably sums up what losing weight and most importantly, improving your health is really about

How You Feel

This really determines the success of what you are doing because if you have just started out, half way through or battling a long road

How you feel during this journey really gives you the indication on its success

  • More Energy

  • Better Concentration

  • Improved Sleep

  • Low/No Bloating

These are just some of the physical and mental feelings you will develop along the way

Don't hinge everything on the scales

If you are working with a weight loss coach or personal trainer

Leave that to them

If you are going this alone

Just remember they are a small guide to a bigger picture

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