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How To Lose 1 Stone And Keep It Off

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

how to lose 1 stone

By a simple search on Google with the term, How To Lose A Stone you are presented with a wealth of information which in a lot of cases in confusing and conflicting

I used to believe when I first started out that I had to have a wealth of qualifications around this to help people when in truth (while education is important)

The ability to coach people through these steps as individuals is what really makes the role of a personal trainer


We are all individuals with different belief systems around food

We have different;

  • Family commitments

  • Lifestyles

  • Work commitments

  • Social lives

  • Sleeping patterns

There are a host of factors that come in to play for people who want to lose weight

So, when people Google, How To Lose A Stone

The first thing they need to look at is the coaching and habits that align with the above to make this happen

How To Lose 1 Stone

In this post there are a few tips to help you in this quest and at least one of them will stick with you and help you on track to losing that first stone

The one biggest take-away from all of this is the understanding that

Long Lasting Weight Loss Is About Habits

The habits you create determine your results and so when you try to lose that first stone your first thought needs to be

What Habits Do I Need To Create To Lose A Stone

Here are 4 tips that you can implement right away to make this happen

Water: This is the most underrated weight loss 'tool' that really should be the first thing you implement in to your weight loss program

If you are dehydrated or not drinking enough water it affects

  • Concentration

  • Recovery

  • Energy

  • Sleep

  • Digestion

To name a few things

Keep your water intake to 3 litres minimum each day and instal this as habit number 1

Find Something You Enjoy: This sounds pretty straight forward but so many people ignore this

I personally hate running... so instead of going on long runs to lose weight and keep my health/fitness up, I use a rower instead

If you dislike the gym or exercises classes don't go to them

There are so many other activities you can look at to raise your heart rate, increase your cardiovascular health and improve your fitness

  • Tennis

  • Hiking

  • Golf

  • Daily Walks

  • Team Sports

  • Swimming

Find something you enjoy or something you have always wanted to try to help you get and stay active and you will find success

Keep It Simple: When it comes to losing weight so many people try to really up the 'desperation' feature for what they want

They make HUGE changes to their current lifestyle and in most cases it doesn't stick

Rather than head for fasting, shakes, pills, 7 days training

Keep things simple

Go back to basics

  • 3 Main Meals

  • 2 Snacks

Keep it that simple and it is easy to plan

Keep your breakfasts the same Monday to Friday as these are easy to manage

And then plan the others

Yoghurts and fruit are amazing for snacks in the day and yoghurts are also brilliant for sweet cravings

Don't complicate things

Stick to the simple traits of a successful weight loss plan and keep it simple

Hire A Coach: This is often over looked

So many people feel they can lose weight but a lot of weight loss isn't down to the information

It is down to the coaching and accountability

It is why slimming clubs are so successful for people

They create a community

You are held accountable each week by the scales and your friends there

You have access to support in a coach and also friends

Hiring a personal trainer or a coach to help you with your plan will help you to eliminate the potential mistakes

And any coach or personal trainer SHOULD treat you as an individual and not just give you some calories and say off you go...

They should look at your current habits and lifestyle commitments as mentioned above and then help you to build out a plan from there

This is about you remember and your results

And you are an individual

So you need a personalised weight loss plan and service

In short... come at work with Gym Reb3l and our coaches in both our online personal training and also in person personal training plans

Gym Reb3l is known for its exceptional fitness programs that deliver results.

Join our renowned 6-week body transformation program today

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