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How To Meal Plan To Lose Weight

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

how to meal plan to lose weight

Planning your weekly meals is a huge part in any success on a weight loss program

It makes the whole process so much easier to follow and stick to

But for a lot of people this is not the case

And the main reason being

They Find It Boring

People find food planning boring because they never really know what to have or do

So... below we have put together 5 tips to make meal planning easier and also more interesting

Step 1 On How To Meal Plan To Lose Weight: Be Inspired

We are so fortunate today that we have access to 1000000000000000000 of healthy recipes online

Browse Pinterest


Food Channels

Most recipes can be batch cooked which makes the weeks easier and also allows you to to enjoy your amazing food more than once that week

Step 2 On How To Meal Plan To Lose Weight: Plan A Night

Whether it is with your partner, friends, family or just yourself

Have 1 night a week (usually a Friday or Saturday) where you really go to town

Find inspiring, healthy recipes that you love and cook yourself the most amazing dish

And really make a night of it too

The setting

The food

The atmosphere

Really go for it and have it as something to look forward to each week

It helps keep you on track and also makes the week have an end goal to celebrate your success

Step 3 On How To Meal Plan To Lose Weight: Use Similar Ingredients In Recipes

When planning food for the week, look for recipes that have similar ingredients

Not only does this keep the costs down

It makes planning the week a whole lot easier as the batch cooking and prep work is usually done a lot quicker

Step 4 On How To Meal Plan To Lose Weight: Be Inspired Batch Cook

Think of recipes that can be stored and batch cooked to make the whole process easier

  • Curry's

  • Soups

  • Stew's

  • Burgers

Are just a few recipes where you can make 2-3 days worth and make the whole process so much easier

We have some clients who have 'themed' weeks where they will have curry weeks or burger weeks - which mixes things up

Step 5 On How To Meal Plan To Lose Weight: Follow A 'Done For You' Plan

At Gym Reb3l and with our recipe packs (download here) you can follow pre template meal plans based on your goal and daily calorie intake

There are also plans available on Google which you can download and find things you love

Bonus Tip: Let Gym Reb3l Do It All For You

At Gym Reb3l we take you through every step of planning a successful weeks food in our 6-Week Body Transformation Challenge

All you have to do is click 'Message Gym Reb3l Now' to book a call to find out more


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