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How Many Carbs, Protein and Fats For Weight Loss

how many carbs proteins and fats for weight loss

When it comes to losing weight, and especially if you calorie and macro count

There is confusion as to whether you should;

Just Count Calorie

Count Protein

Watch Your Carbs

Lower Your Fats

Or, All The Above

Should Your Just Count Calories To Lose Weight?

At Gym Reb3l, we don't believe in teaching our clients to count calories and ill give you the reason later

But for those of you who do choose to count calorie, having an understand of what you should do and why is essential

So should you just count calories to lose weight?

The simple answer is, Yes You Can

By staying in a calorie deficit then you will lose weight

However... just because you are losing weight it does not mean that you will be happy with your body shape

If you just count calories and do not look at your protein intake then you could be reducing your chances of recovery, muscle development and body shape changes for the better

Why Protein Is The Most Important Macro?

Alongside your daily calories, you should also be looking at your protein intake

By keeping your protein intake to the level required you will help to improve your recovery, stay fuller between meals and ensure you are hitting the most important macro

There are various calculations on how much protein to take in and this varies from person to person, usually between 25-40% of their daily intake

This is also goal specific too

What About Carbohydrates and Fats For Weight Loss?

Carbs and fats have a huge impact on your body shape

If you were consuming 1800 calories a day

And 40% of those were Carbohydrates and 20% of those were from Fats

Then you would have a different body shape to someone who consumed the same amount of calories but had 20% Carbohydrate intake and 40% fat intake

Not only is this dependant on you personally and your preference

It also is dependant on your body type and how you respond to certain food groups

Why Your Personal Trainer Should Coach You Specifically On Your Diet

Most personal trainers today will just give you a total amount of calories to hit and if you are lucky, proteins too

This is a very generic way and it is marketed by the method of 'Eat What You Want And Lose Weight'

But your macros (Carbs, Proteins and Fats) should be specific to;


Your Goals

Your Body Shape

Your Beliefs

It cannot be generic and this is why we do not calorie count at Gym Reb3l

It puts the focus on calories and not on the most important aspect, YOU!

By working with you 1-2-1 on your food we can ensure you first hit the right amount of each macro so it is specific to you and your goals

We do not ask you to calorie count because that adds stress

Instead we just give you weekly goals on types of food to consume and build this up using our 'Habit Based Nutritional Coaching' programs

This is why so many people at Gym Reb3l keep their results and why our results are so good

Join Our 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge

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Simply click below and you will be directed to our Whats App messages

Leave your details and ask any questions you may have

And one of our personal trainers will contact you to take you through the program

This is your chance to work on a detailed nutritional and workout program that is specific to you and not generic

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