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8 Vegan Recipe Websites

8 vegan websites

Discover the Top 8 Vegan Recipe Websites You Can't Miss

Vegan diets are growing in popularity and not just from people choosing to take a vegan path, but also from people who opening up to meat industry and choosing plan based alternatives

We have collected 8 vegan recipe websites that we know will help you in your quest for vegan food

So where you are someone who follows the complete vegan lifestyle, someone who is a plant based eater or someone who just loves a variety then have got you covered

Top 8 Vegan Recipe Websites

Minimalist Baker For effortless recipes using minimal ingredients, head over to Minimalist Baker

With a focus on simplicity and flavour, you'll find a huge selection of vegan dishes

Oh She Glows Indulge in vibrant vegan dishes at Oh She Glows, curated by cookbook author Angela Liddon

With stunning visuals and detailed instructions, every recipe is a culinary masterpiece

Vegan Richa Explore the fusion of Indian spices and vegan cuisine at Vegan Richa

From aromatic curries to crispy snacks, this website offers a twist on traditional plant-based cooking

The Minimalist Vegan Discover the art of mindful eating and sustainable living at The Minimalist Vegan

With a focus on whole foods and simplicity, you'll find practical tips and delicious recipes

Forks Over Knives Unlock the power of plant-based nutrition with science-backed recipes from Forks Over Knives

From wholesome salads to hearty bowls, each recipe promotes health and wellness

The Vegan Stoner Experience the joy of vegan cooking with quirky, easy-to-follow recipes at The Vegan Stoner

Perfect for beginners and seasoned cooks alike, this website adds a dash of fun to plant-based cuisine

Veggie Desserts Indulge your sweet tooth guilt-free with delectable vegan treats from Veggie Desserts

From cakes to cookies, every dessert is made with wholesome, plant-based ingredients

Hot for Food Join hosts Lauren Toyota and John Diemer on a adventure at Hot for Food

With a focus on comfort classics and indulgent treats, this website proves that vegan food can be both delicious and fun

Whether you follow a vegan lifestyle, a plant based diet or you are someone who loves to try all types of foods

Have a look at these sites because the more variation you can have in your daily food the easier it is to stick too

And vegan food is amazing to batch cook because it can be frozen for lengths of time and is easy to use

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