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Weight Loss For Parents

weight loss for parents

Losing weight and trying to change your body shape is hard enough, couple that with children and/or work commitments and it can easily not become a priority

And this is why so many parents struggle to lose weight and stay in shape once they have children to look after

In this post we are going to look at the ‘Struggle’ and then the ‘Solution’ to that struggle to help people lose weight and get their body shape back

The posts focuses on weight loss for parents who feel they lack time or are unable to see a clear path on getting the health and fitness results they want

Struggle One: The Cycle of Responsibilities

Parents often find themselves caught in a continuous cycle of responsibilities that range from household chores to children’s needs, and this leaves little room for your own personal health and fitness goals

The guilt associated with putting your children in nursery or with family members, while you take time to go and work on yourself in the gym

Add to this the guilt of family and friends’ expectations and it makes the goal of wanting to get your body shape back seemed like s distant luxury

And these often leads to a cycle of ‘start, stops’ when it comes to you wanting the get the results you want

The Solution:

We often talk to our clients about the importance of putting themselves first, and with children and family commitments, this can often seem selfish and the wrong thing to do

The key, is to understand that your personal health and fitness is a benefit to the family

A healthy, energetic parent is better equipped to handle the potential stress and demands of juggling parenting and a family

Starting small and integrating manageable fitness routines into your day is key

Having the time (no matter when it is) to work out for yourself is incredible, not only for your physical health, but for your mental health too

Family routine is also important and weekend walks and/or bike rides brings the family together and helps you to bring in a sustainable fitness routine

Our personal trainers at Gym Reb3l can help you put together a detailed workout plan that is specific to your current needs and

Struggle 2: Meal Preparation

Nutrition plays a critical role in weight loss and overall health, but the time and effort required for meal prep can be daunting for parents

The challenge of catering to various dietary preferences, the temptation of convenient fast food, and the sheer task of planning, shopping for, and preparing meals can be overwhelming

This often leads to repetitive, nutritionally lacklustre meals that are far from conducive to weight loss goals

The Solution: 

The solution is to keep things simple

Family meals are important but so are yours too

Think of dishes that work for both you and the family.

  • Homemade Burgers

  • Curry’s

  • Stir Frys

Foods are that simple to make and prepare but also enjoyable

Look at foods you can batch cook for yourself too that you can then simply reheat when needed

If your children are at an age where they want to join in, then homemade pizzas on wraps are a fantastic way to get the family cooking together

And an amazing low-calorie alternative for you too

If the food you choose to eat is different to your family, then, as mentioned above, look at simple choices that you can batch cook and ensure you plan each day

Keep things simple with 3 main meals and 2 snacks

And make use of supplements when needed

Meal replacement supplements can be a fantastic tool if you are struggled to eat or having the time to eat and are there to ‘supplement’ when needed

Always choose real food over these but keep something available just in case

Struggle Three: Unexpected Events, Lack of Time, and Additional Commitments

Finding a consistent time slot for workouts is a common challenge for parents, who must navigate around nap times, school runs, and the unpredictable demands of childcare

The best-laid plans can often be derailed by a sick child, school events, or just the exhaustion that comes with parenting, making regular exercise sessions feel like an impossible task

The Solution 

Flexibility and creativity in workout scheduling are crucial

A personal trainer can help design a flexible workout regimen that can be adjusted as needed, focusing on short, intense workouts that can fit into busy schedules

YouTube is also a fantastic resource for 10-, 15- or 20-minute workouts that you can join in with and follow

A 10-minute workout is more beneficial than not working out both physically and mentally

If you work out 3x a week for 10-minute sessions, just that start and feeling of knowing you have worked out can keep your mindset on the right track and you on the right track and focus too

Struggle Four: Consistency and Motivation

Staying consistent with a fitness plan and maintaining motivation over time are significant hurdles for parents

The repetitive cycle of starting and stopping, fuelled by exhaustion, lack of visible progress, or simply the challenge of finding personal time, can lead to frustration and a sense of defeat

The Solution: 

Setting realistic, achievable goals and celebrating small victories can enhance motivation and the sense of achievement

As mentioned above, working out for 10 minutes 3x a week is a start and something that should be seen as a win if time is an issue

Staying on track with your food is also another huge motivating factor and something that should be celebrated too

Or, working with a personal trainer who offers encouragement, accountability, and adjusts the program to keep it engaging can also significantly impact consistency

These programs can be online plans like we offer at Gym Reb3l that are very is to follow and our online personal training programs has helped 100’s of women get their body shapes back

Our 6 week challenge has helped 1000's of women both in persona and with our online coaching programs, get control of their health and fitness

With you working exclusively with one of our personal trainers we are able to tailor all your workouts and nutritional habits to you and you current situation

There is no guesswork in what we do and everything is planned specific to you

Let one of our personal trainers Liverpool help you get the weight loss and body shape results that you want


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