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How To Speed Up A Slow Metabolism

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

how to speed up a slow metabolism

A 'Slow Metabolism' is the potential cause of many concern for people when it comes to losing weight

The frustrating of seeing friends/family and social media of people losing weight with ease

While your own struggle (no matter what you do) just don't seem to be giving you the same rewards


In todays post I want to talk about a 'Slow Metabolism' and the things you can do to help speed this up

Hormones and Genes

Let us start with things that can be out of our control

Depending on your age and also where your body is

Hormonal changes will play a factor in your metabolism

This is why it is really important that you use companies like Numan and Medichecks to get yearly blood work

You can then see how you are function and if there is anything that needs further research

And if there is anything you can personally do yourself

Note: While this is a factor is does not mean it is an excuse... and things like this just make things slower

But if you stick with the next parts of advice then you will still see results

Total Calorie Intake

For most women, 1000-1200 calories per day seems to be their go to numbers when it comes to losing weight

The problem with this is that

If your body needs more to 'survive' then you are under feeding yourself


  • Energy is reduced

  • Sleep is reduced

  • Stress is increased

  • Recovery is reduced

  • Muscle mass is lost

The easiest food plan to follow is; 3 Main Meals and 2 Snacks

Start with this and then look at the type of foods you are eating during this

Remember the golden rules

  • 5-7 portions of vegetable

  • 2-3 pieces of fruit

  • lean meat with every meal, or protein source

  • 3 litres of water per day

With the snacks

Having fruit, yoghurt, nuts/seeds is a great way to start and can also help reduce a sweet tooth

Note: If you are on a low calorie diet like the above you need to slowly increase your food

You can't go from that low to1600-1800 calories for example

Start by getting your snacks right and monitor that for 7-days

And then move on to the main meals

Remember the golden rule too.... 80% of your food intake must be single ingredient foods

Strength Training

At Gym Reb3l we have 3 dedicated strength sessions each week

Now... when I say strength

I do not mean a fitness class where you all do the same thing and lift heavy and light mixed

I mean a dedicated strength training program that is built for you

One that takes in to account

  • Your exercise history

  • Your medical history

  • Your goals

By following a specific weights based program for you

Your muscle mass increase

And as your muscle mass increases then so does your metabolism

If you eat too little.. this won't happen

And if you lift light weights because you 'just want to tone'

This won't happen either

Find a personalised, dedicated strength based program that is aligned with your goals and is specific to you

Sleep and Recovery

This is unique to you

Each of us has individual needs when it comes to sleep and fully recovering from our workouts and day to day activities

On average it is between 6-8 hours sleep that most people need

Monitoring your sleep through your watch is a great idea to track this and how much you are consistently getting

If you are lacking sleep and fatigued all the time it can affect your food intake (more sugary generally) as well as your actual recovery and ability to repair and rebuild broken down muscle

Sleep must be a priority to your recovery and also mental health

Lack of sleep has a whole host of problems associated with it

So make sure this is on your list

Note: if you sleep all the time then this could be down to an underlying health issue or lack of food

Which is why blood work is essential


There is a lot you can look at yourself before you think it is hormone or just you being 'unlucky'

Start with the advice above and install all of that (plus your blood work) and monitor your progress

If the worse case is you do have something hormonally or gene related affecting your metabolism

At least from the above you would have done everything and also helped to improve your health and kick start an amazing, healthy lifestyle

Ready to take charge of your weight loss journey? Gym Reb3l offers the best weight loss program in Liverpool, designed to help you achieve lasting results. See why we stand out:


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