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Calorie Counting To Lose Weight

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

calorie counting to lose weight

I want to talk to you about calorie counting

And if you are someone who is starting this or thinking of starting

Please make sure you read this

Calorie Counting Is A Theory

This is the biggest problem when people 'set their calories'

There so many equations to work out your calories and the truth is... they are all theory

There is no way for anyone to know exactly;

  • How many calories you burn

  • How quickly your body can digest chicken

  • How many calories are in each piece of food

  • How quickly you recover

  • What your stress state is

I could list you over 50 variable which make up what you would need to know in order to get the right amount of calories too

Calories Are Based On The Average Person, Not The Individual

This causes more of a problem

What is the average person?

Age, Sex, Activity, Sleep, Stress, Muscle Mass, Fat Stores...


A list of over 50 variables could be set

Ill stop at 3 points to not overwhelm..

Calorie Counting Puts The Blame On You And Not Your Personal Trainer

If you are working with a personal trainer and they set you calories

And you don't follow this

They will say something like...

'All you have to do is track your food and eat what you like...'

Meaning they are putting the blame on you

When in truth their job is to coach you


Calorie counting does work

But not for most people

In order for you to do this properly it will take you 30 days MINIMUM to work out what you need

And in order for you to do this

You CAN'T go in to calorie deficit straight away

So when trainers do this to you... It is wrong

You must first establish what your maintenance is

And then work from there

Why Our Clients Do Not Calorie Count And Still Lose Weight

We do not calorie count

Instead we focus on health


Because if you do this then weight loss is easy

For our clients who decide they want to calorie count down the road

Guess what

We can do this...


Because we have coached them each week through our weekly nutritional coaching calls so have an idea of how much food they consume

So we can confidently set their levels

If You Only Read One Bit











Focus On The Basics For A Successful Weight Loss Plan

When trying to lose weight the best thing to do is go back to basics

People generally make the mistake of trying to make too many changes at once and this can be an overwhelm

Which is another reason calorie counting make not work for you

Having to weigh, monitor and scan your foods might not fit in to your day and can cause more unnecessary stress

Instead look at what you know

  • Single Ingredient Foods

  • 3 Litres of Water

  • Fruit

  • Vegetable

  • Activity

Slowly introduce these over the weeks to create sustainable habits

And then you will be in a position to have a weight loss program that is

  1. Built Around You

  2. Sustainable For You

That is the key to a successful weight loss plan

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