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How To Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

how to lose weight without counting calories

Calorie counting seems to be the 'rage' when it comes to losing weight

Personal trainers setting their clients calorie and protein goals

Clients downloading apps such as MyFitnessPal

And away they go

Down in to the dark whole of having to weight, scan, track and measure everything they eat and drink

And for most people this doesn't work

The stress, pressure and new way of living (scanning food) isn't for them

And so they quit

This is the exact reason why we never recommend calorie counting at Gym Reb3l

I want you to write this next bit down

The Weight You Gained Is A Results of The Habits You Created

Read it again

Success in anything you do comes from habits you create

And losing weight, and most importantly keeping it off

Is the same

And this is why calorie counting is not recommended

If you want to calorie count for the rest of your life

Then learn...

If you have to 'go back' to calorie counting because you have put weight back on

Then it hasn't worked for you

Just like all those slimming clubs when people are 'Going to go back to (insert club)


Calorie Are Misleading

You may have heard the phrase, Not All Calories Are Equal

This refers to the make up of the calories

500 grams of rich dark, amazing tasting Galaxy

Does not have the same make up as 500 calories of a juicy steak

And this is a trap a lot of people fall in to

The misleading adverts posted by personal trainers of 'Eat What You Want And Lose Weight'

This basically translates to 'Lose Weight By Calorie Counting But I Don't Care About Your Health'

If you focus on Health... then you can't be overweight

And the recommendation is that 80% of your food intake comes from single ingredient foods

  • Fruits

  • Vegetables

  • Lean Meats

  • Fish

  • Beans

  • Pulses

  • Lentils

Focus on getting these in to your diet and you are well on the way to a successful weight loss plan

How To Lose Weight Without Calorie Counting

As mentioned before habits create results

And for you to build a successful weight loss plan you must first identify the habits you need to create

This can be completed in 3 simple steps

  1. Grab an pen and paper

  2. Write down everything you feel you are doing wrong that is making you gain weight

  3. Next to that column, write down the changes you need to make

If you are not working with us at Gym Reb3l that is the easiest way to work out where you are going wrong

The 4 main components you need to look at for a successful plan are;

  1. Sleep

  2. Activity (daily steps)

  3. Workout

  4. Food

Focus your new habits on creating better routines for these

Sleep: Aim for 6-8 hours sleep depending on your need

Activity: Aim for 8000-12000 steps throughout your day

Workout: Exercise to increase your heart rate 3-4x per week for 45 minutes

Food: Eat 80% single ingredient foods over the course of 7-days

They are the basics

How To Create Habits For Success

Start off small

Most people make the mistake of trying to do everything at once

When really small, consistent steps are more important

The first things you need to get right is your breakfast and water

Water intake should be 3 litres per day

And breakfast made up of single ingredient foods (start the day right)

Vegetables, aim to eat 5-7 portions per day - amazing for your health and helps to fill you up

Focus on these for the next 21-days and track how many days you complete each task

Once you are on a roll of 10-days straight

Move on to attaching more habits

If you build these habits and keep working on them

I can promise you...

The weight will come off, and most importantly

The weight you lose will stay off because of the healthy habits you have created

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