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Sugar Is The Killer In Your Diet

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

sugar is the killer in your diet

Stop Counting Calories

Calories are based on heat content - nothing else

This is how calories are worked out

There is nothing in this to do with the nutrients of the food

So for people to count calories

They are doing themselves an injustice because the focus on health is thrown out the window and replaced with just 'Weight Loss Through Calorie Counting'

No calories are the same

100 Calories of Fructose

100 Calories of Glucose

100 Calorie of Protein

100 Calories of Fat

100 Calories of Carbohydrates

All the same calorie content

But they all have different affects on the body

And this is where the problem is when people just focus on calories and calorie counting

In the 90's there was a huge craze with the Glycemic Index

And the 'word' was that in order for you to lose weight - you must be able to control your insulin

But this message got lost

Probably because a lot of the foods they measured were not right and so people started to forget about the importance of this diet and the real underlying message - Control Insulin


Sugar is the real danger

And this is what you should first be looking to control when starting any weight loss program

Side Note: if your goal is to just lose weight and you are not worried about your health... just count calories

Spikes of energy in the day

Cravings of foods in the day

Slumps leading to sleep in the day

These can all be related to your insulin levels and the types of foods you are eating

Just because you are sticking to your 1600 calories a day - this does not mean that you are balancing your insulin levels and going to have good overall health and energy

Here is another example




While people may argue that Algarve is much sweeter so you can use less (less calories) it is still sugar, and so is honey

It will still have an affect on the body

When you are starting your weight loss journey

You first and initial focus should be on improving your health

And you do this by the types of foods you eat

Raising your heart rate through exercise

Reducing your stress and improving your sleep quality

They are the factors that are important

And if you focus on that then weight loss is easy

It Is Not Your Fault

The problem we have is personal trainers and 'health coaches' advertising programs with the message 'Eat What You Want And Lose Weight'

We can give them the benefit of the doubt in that

A) They don't understand calories so follow a trend in recommending them

B) They don't care about your health and are just focused on weight loss

If you read previous blog posts you will see that the message is very clear when it comes to finding a sustainable weight loss program

Focus On Habits

If you focus on habits and not calories you will get the results you want

Whether it takes you longer than expected - it makes no difference

Because habits are what creates results

  • 3 Litres of Water Per Day

  • 5-7 Portions of Veg

  • 2-3 Pieces of Fruit

  • 3 Litres of Water

  • Protein With Every Meal

  • 80% Single Ingredient Foods

Simply habits you can learn to implement over time

Without the focus on having to weight, track and scan your foods

Sugar is the killer in your diet program and what will stop you losing the weight you want and getting the body shape you want

Focus on reducing this over time and the quality of your foods

And weight loss becomes easy

Because your focus is shifted to HEALTH


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