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Female Strength Class

female strength class liverpool

When it comes to changing your body shape then a strength based program is essential for your results

And especially for women

There are countless studies showing the benefits to lifting weights for women who are peri-menopausal and also menopausal

But in this article we are going to look at the basics and why it is essential that you join a female strength class in Liverpool, to get the results that you want

Female Strength Class

If you join a program (like our strength programs at Gym Reb3l) then you should be programmed individually

If you go to a strength class and you are all doing the same workout, then you are paying for a class and not a personalised service

At Gym Reb3l our female strength class programs all our clients individually and they then train with up to 5 other women in our semi private personal training programs

This means that while this is a small class environment

All the clients are treated as individuals and can ensure that they progress to their own rate, and that the program is specific to their body shape goals

More Strength = More Muscle = Burn More Calories At Rest

When you build muscle it takes your more calories to function on its day to day as you need to feed those muscles!!!!

Following a dedicated strength program will allow you to tone and sculpt your body while also give you the benefit of burning more calories at rest

Progress Is Key To Your Results

When you start exercising everything you do needs to be logged so you can track and monitor your progress

This also allows you to edit and update your programs when necessary to ensure progression

Our clients at Gym Reb3l have their strength programs updated by our personal trainers and this ensures they continue to push themselves, developing and getting the results they want

You need to go to the gym with a plan and then that plan needs to be recorded and monitored to ensure your success

Gym Reb3l 6 Week Coaching Program

Our signature 6 week body transformation program includes 3 strength training sessions per week (alongside 2 cardio)

This is one of the reasons why our body transformations are so spectacular because you can see the results women have achieved through our coaching programs

All programs are available online

Simply click below and let one of our personal trainers work with you in our coaching programs to help you get the guidance you need for the results you want


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