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The Benefits of Working With A Liverpool Personal Trainer

Liverpool personal trainer

The benefits of working with a Liverpool personal trainer can be immense and give life changing results


Personal training in Liverpool is now widely available with several choices of, private gyms, personal trainers in commercial gym and dedicated personal training studios


But how do you know what you are looking for with so much choice


And with some personal trainers now being exposed for editing their own, and client’s photos on social media


Who can you trust and how can you make the right decision when it comes to hiring a personal trainer



This is key to getting what you want


At Gym Reb3l we help women to lose weight and change their body shape


Our programs are specific to this demographic and our coaching programs, food plans, recipes, support, and programs are built to help women


We don’t accept men on to our coaching program


But if we did open a male plan, it would mean we need to change the strategies we use to be specific for that demographic to ensure they get the best results


When you are looking for a personal trainers choose someone who specialises in the exact results you are looking for


Ask To See Example Programs and Results


Personal trainers should always track their clients’ workouts


This is so they can ensure they plan and progress their programs and keep them on track to the results they want


If your personal trainer does not track your workouts or cannot show you the progress in your plans… then you are just paying for a workout


At Gym Reb3l our personal training clients have access to our coaching app where they can see every single workout and weight, they lifted from the moment they stepped foot in the door


We monitor everything and it is why we can get our clients such amazing results


When they come in for their session, we (and they) know exactly what workout they are going to be doing


There is no guesswork or made-up sessions


Ensure your personal trainer tracks your plans, and if you are working with a personal trainer now… ask them to see


Do They Offer a Comfortable Environment


Where you have your personal training sessions is key


For some people working with a personal trainer in a commercial gym is not ideal and you can feel self-conscious and not comfortable with so many people around


For others it can also be the other cliental that can make you feel uncomfortable


At Gym Reb3l we have 3 dedicated personal training rooms for our clients to use


All our personal training sessions are women only and this provides our clients with a comfortable atmosphere to train

They are working out with like-minded women who all want to improve themselves, lose weight and make changes to their body shape


This type of atmosphere and group creates a fantastic community where you will be working with the same girls, building a support network, and enjoying your training


Are They a Quick Fix or A Coaching Plan


This one is open to you and the results that you want


If you are looking for a quick fix, to drop a bit of weight for a holiday or event etc


Then following a generic weight loss plan that tracks calories and everyone follows similar workouts could be the right program for you


If you are wanting to lose weight, keep it off, build a sustainable weight loss plan and make healthy choices to feel better, healthier and have more energy and confidence


Then a short-term fix isn’t for you


Following a program that is built for you isn’t just about a gym workout


Nutrition plays such a huge role in your results and the importance of nutrition is create healthy habits that are sustainable and get you results both short and long term


There is very little point in training for a period of time to lose weight, and then only to put it back on again


At Gym Reb3l we coach all our clients as individuals and help them build a sustainable eating plan that works for them


If you have



Work Commitments

Social Life

Certain Beliefs (vegan etc)

Then everything must be built around this to make it sustainable


So many people make the mistake of follow a branded diet plan or calorie count, when the methods they use are not sustainable


How many times have you heard people say ‘I will go back to ‘X Slimming Club’ on Monday’


This is not how losing weight should be


To lose weight you need to identify the habits you need to get the results you want and then build these into your day-to-day life



We offer both 1-2-1 personal training in Liverpool at our private personal training studio


Semi Private personal training at our private PT studios, this is our 6-week body transformation program


And we also offer online personal training via our dedicated coaching app


Contact Gym Reb3l today to find the right personal training program for you and discover how we have helped so many women lose weight and get the body shape they want



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