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Avoid This Weight Loss Mistake

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

avoid this weight loss mistake

When it comes to losing weight, the determining, desperation (or both) can lead to people causing themselves problems long-term

The goal of a weight loss program is for it to be sustainable so;

  • The weight continues to drop until you are at your ideal weight

  • You are able to stick to the plan because it is built in to your lifestyle

A lot of women will reduce their calories so low that long-term this leaves them with a problem

A common mistake is to reduce between 1000-1200 calories per day

Why It Is Bad To Go So Low (Between 1000-1200 Calories Per Day)

While weight loss may be fast doing this and in the first few weeks or even a couple of months it may seem sustainable

There is going to reach a point where you plateaux

Everyone will plateaux at some point during their weight loss journey

And this is why so many people quit

Think of This

Imagine in a few months you plateaux

You can't fit any more exercise in your diary as you are already at maximum capacity

Putting in more time during each session won't work either

So you need to look at your food

To take some calories away from there to kick start the weight loss again

But at 1000-1200 you can't

Because then you border on the unhealthy range

What can you do?

The frustration will continue because the weight will not budge

You have no where to go

What Weight Loss Is Really About And You Have To Avoid This Weight Loss Mistake

When trying to lose weight the goal is very simple

Eat As Much As You Can And Still Lose Weight

You must keep your calories as high as possible while still losing weight each week

By eating as much as you can and still losing weight you still have somewhere to go long-term in terms of changes to your food you can make

You do not need to increase or worry about doing more exercise

You simply need to reduce your calories

And by having these at maximum level you will have a lot of calories to play with

Meaning next time you do plateaux

You have something you can change to kick start your plan again

Do not make this mistake

Because while the results may be fast at the start

They will slow down very quickly and plateaux

And for most people

Quitting at something because it doesn't work is hard enough

Let alone looking for and then investing in something else again

This is why it is essential that you must avoid this weight loss mistake

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