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Are Personal Trainers Worth The Money

Are personal trainers worth the money

With YouTube and other online platforms, the information available to us when it comes to putting together a fitness and weight loss program is immense

Just a quick search on Google will bring you up thousands of results for search terms such as 'personal training programs' 'weight loss programs' strength training for women'

But with all this information available

Are personal trainers worth the money ?

With a vast access to information we can surly put together a program ourselves for us to follow

In this post we, at Gym Reb3l talk you through our personal training programs and the exact service you get

And you can then make the decision as to whether personal trainers are worth the money and if you want to start a personal training program

Personalised Workouts Based On Your Goals

A search on instagram will show many women performing squats telling you this is how they built their glutes...

When the truth is, squats are not the best exercise for this

They actually rank 6 on a series of exercises tested for Glute activation

And it is information like this that is essential to putting together a fitness program based on your body shape goals

Personalised Workouts Based On Your Injury and Exercise History

If you have any previous, or current injuries your workout will be based around these to help improve the muscle(s) affected or to work around them to not aggravate the injury

You exercise history (experience) and mobility also determines the exercise plans you should be following

If you do not have the mobility to perform a certain exercise to the correct form then there are other exercise you can do to build up to this movement

Most people make the mistake of going to the gym and not following a plan and completing random exercise routines

While working out is beneficial

Have a plan specific to you is essential

A Nutritional Plan Built Just For You

At Gym Reb3l and on this blog we have spoke over and over about how you do not need to calorie count to lose weight

And that your diet plan should be built around you

Your Family

Your Lifestyle

Your Work

Your Social Life

Your Beliefs

If you are given calories and told to go and scan, track your food

Then this isn't a personalised plan - it is generic

You should be coached through habits so that your food plan becomes automatic

And this habit based coaching approach ensures that the weight you lose is long term

Support and Guidance From Your Personal Trainer

One of the benefits of a personal trainer is having instant access for any questions or concerns

If you have any unexpected meetings, nights out, social events...

And you want to ensure you stay within the plan, but also able to enjoy yourself (not sipping water all night...)

Then having access to a personal trainer will allow you to do this

They can help with structure and any questions

If you are feeling bloated but eating the right foods... then it could be certain food groups that are causing this and your personal trainer will be able to recognise this

Hire A Personal Trainer At Gym Reb3l Today

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