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11 Essentials To Help You Lose Weight Fast

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

lose weight fast

If you are looking to lose weight fast there are 11 essentials you must have in place to help make this happen

While trying to lose weight fast might be your initial goal

You also need to think about what needs to be in place to not only help you to lose weight... but most importantly...

Keep Weight Off Once You Have Lost It

Failure at weight loss isn't about the time it takes or getting stuck at a certain point

It is about putting the weight back on you have lost

If this is the case then it means what you have tried in the past hasn't worked for you

When someone says "I am going back to X (insert slimming club or gym) Monday again"

This means that while they may have lost weight initially

This program has not worked for them because the weight has crept back on (see number 5 as to why)

Here Are 11 Essentials To Help You Lose Weight Fast

Plan Your Workouts: A huge mistake people make is going to a gym to workout without a clear plan in place

When you visit the gym you should know exactly what you are going to do and then monitor and track your workouts

You can download free workout plans that will help you to get started (make sure you check everything with your GP first though) or you can hire a personal trainer to set you a program

In our 6-Week Body Transformation Challenge one of the main reasons our clients get such good results is because every client has their own personalised workout plan to follow

This is the fastest way to results

Plan Your Food: To start off with try not to over complicate your food

We never recommend calorie counting to new members and instead focus on our challenge list (single ingredient foods)

Keeping your breakfast the same Monday to Friday or maybe having just a couple of choices makes things easier

And if you are having something like chocolate oats (oats and cocoa) or plain porridge then you can get this ready in bulk

By preparing and planning your food where possible you save time which is important and you make the whole process easier

Have A Contingency Plan: Another trick is to have fruit and/or nuts and seeds available

So if you get dragged in to a meeting in work or delayed outside of work, then you have something you can snack on just in case

People tend to make mistakes when something comes up that stops then following their routine and then will 'grab any food' available just to ensure they have eaten

And while the thought process behind it of staying on track and making sure you eat is fine, you are better having something prepared that fits with your new way of eating to ensure you stay on track

Stay Active Outside of The Gym: 10,000 steps a day (aim for 12000) has become a very popular way of staying active throughout the day and ensure you slightly increase your calorie output

You do not have to track steps but going for a walk on your lunch, after work or in the day is a fantastic way to stay active away from the gym

Walking or a home, 30 minute yoga class is fantastic because it keeps you active and mobile, helping you to install new habits aligned with your new lifestyle and body

Create NEW Sustainable Habits: They KEY to you keeping your weight off after you have lost it is to ensure you create habits

Habits create results and your first task when starting any weight loss program is to identify your current habits and what might be sabotaging your results

Grab a pen and paper and write down all the things you currently do that you believe could be stopping you from losing weight

Once you have done this, write another list of the times you can remember where you either sabotaged your diet which made you give up or times where you fell off the wagon

Using the 2 lists you have made gives you and understand of what you currently do and the changes (new habits) you need to install

Write the opposite to list 1 (new habits) and then from list 2 use this as a guide to recognise when mistakes were/are made and write a plan of what you can do instead if these situations arise again

Focus On Single Ingredient Foods: If you can focus on the following list of foods and make at least 80% of your daily in take from this then it will drastically help with your weight loss

Please... do not buy in to the 'count calories eat what you like' nonsense

Your goal when losing weight is to undo bad habits, lose weight and most importantly improve your health

By keeping 80% of your food to single ingredient foods and the other 20% for the treat food you like, then you will achieve this

You will have;

  • More Energy

  • Better Concentration

  • improved Recovery

  • Faster Digestion

You will really notice a difference

Where as, when you have a day of foods that made you overweight in the first place (even though you won't go over your calories

You will not have the same good feeling

Drink 3 Litres of Water Per Day: Water is the 2nd element you must put in to your new regime (after number 5)

Improved Digestion

Improved Sleep

Improved Energy

Improved Concentration

These are just some of the benefits from water

Start with 1 litre and then over the course of 7 days slowly build up to finally get to 3 litres per day

Have Protein With Every Meal: Protein can help regulate hormones that helps you to feel full

So by having protein with each meal (along with veg) it will help you to feel fuller for longer

Reduce Sugar Intake (make this a focus): For us at Gym Reb3l the reduction in sugar in your diet is the number 1 tracker we look for

High sugar intake is responsible for so many health problems and obesity

Stick to carbohydrates such as wholegrain rice and pasta, sweet potato, wholegrain or rye bread

And of course, watch your intake of sweets, fizzy drinks and stick to the 80% rule of dietary intake

Allow Time For Recovery: Getting adequate sleep and also allowing yourself down time (reducing stress) during the day is essential

If you are in a stressed state, fatigued and not fully recovered the temptation to reach for sugar based foods is increased

You will also increase your risk of injury when working out because you have not given your body enough time to recovery

It Must Fit With You: The most important part

Your new eating and exercise habits must be sustainable

And in order for them to be sustainable you must believe in them

If you start a shake diet knowing you will only do this 'for a short time' then this isn't you learning a new habit that will be with you for the rest of your life

The foods you eat must follow your beliefs and mist importantly

You must ENJOY what you do

If you hate the gym... find another activity that you enjoy

Do not do something 'for the short term'

This is a long term project


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