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Why Losing Weight Is So Hard

why losing weight is so hard

When it comes to losing weight it is sold simply as 'Calories In -v- Calories Out'

And this simplistic approach makes people believe that all they have to do is to eat in a calorie deficit to lose weight

And while on the outset this might be true

It is never as easy as that

If it was then so many people wouldn't struggle when it comes to losing weight and would get the body shape and weight loss results they want

There are 4 main factors that stop people from losing weight and in this article we are going to address each one and show you what you can do instead

Here is why losing weight is so hard

Why Losing Weight Is So Hard: Habits

When it comes to changing your body shape it is about how you establish new habits

These habits are what will eventually get you the results that you want

But creating sustainable habits are not what people focus on, and instead they look for a branded diet plan or system (like calorie counting) that doesn't focus on the habits they want long term

This is the difference between short term and long term weight loss results

Short term results are achievable for most because they tend to stick to a diet plan for around 3-6 weeks and in that time can lose weight

Where as a long term solution is a lot harder to achieve because most people's focus is not on habits, but instead n the process

Judging Food By Points

Basing Calories As The 'Go To' Weight Loss Tool

Putting Food In To Colour Groups

There are so many mistakes people make where as they should be doing this

Identifying all the habits they need to get the results they want

If you wanted to live in the body shape of your dreams, what would your food, training and lifestyle need to be like?

Once you can build out these habits then you can start to focus on each one individually

Remember this though... bad habits will ALWAYS be there so when they do crop up, just remember to identify them and try and avoid them

Why Losing Weight Is So Hard: Motivation

Motivation does not last, but when we first start it is amazing...

Understanding that you will not be motivated each day to eat a certain way or go to your workouts is essential

When you can get your head around the importance of building consistency in that no matter how you feel you will never skip a workout

Then you will get the results you want

Consistency trumps motivation every time

Why Losing Weight Is So Hard: Beliefs

This is one that is not spoken about but your beliefs in yourself can stop you losing weight

If you are someone who has struggled to lose weight for long periods of time then you may have established the belief that you are destined to be overweight and that nothing works for you

If you are someone who believes that because you have spent most of your life overweight that you are destined to be overweight long term then this whole process of losing weight will be a struggle

Why Losing Weight Is So Hard: Support

The problem is that everyone thinks they know what to do to lose weight

Eat in a calorie deficit and away you go

But in this short piece we have already established 3 elements of why people fail when it comes to losing weight

And support is the final piece

Having the support of a personal trainer, guiding you through evert step and showing you exactly what to do

Keeping you accountable and helping you to establish new healthy habits over time is essential

Your personal trainer will be able to track your workout, your eating habits and keep weekly logs and trackers to help you stay on target

If you are someone who has struggled to lose weight and want a proven formula

Then click below and Whats App Gym Reb3l about our 6 week body transformation program for women

We have helped 1000's of women just like you to get the weight loss and body shape results they want

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