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How To Track Your Weight Loss Results

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

how to track your weight loss results

With scales seeming to be the main tool people use to track their weight loss results

People are forgetting that weight loss results in much greater overall results

And with their focus directed 100% at the scales

They are missing the bigger picture

In today's post I want to show you 6 ways you should be tracking your weight loss results in the hope that you will see the bigger picture on the amazing results and progress you are getting

How To Track Your Weight Loss Results

Losing weight is a journey

We have heard this over and over

And the main part of this journey is to improve your health and also how you feel

We want to lose weight because of how carrying that extra weight makes us feel

And so when the weight comes off - we feel better


This is not always the case

Rule: Judge Overall Progress

Everyone plateaux's when losing weight

But having a week or two where the weight does not come off can be detrimental to some


It can undo all their hard work and send them either in to a binge for a day/week or in the worst case... get them to quit

Studies show most people quit a weight loss program after 6 weeks

So, let's take that as our example

Say you have been training for 6-weeks

Look at this as a whole

You Have Gone From

Not Exercising - To Training 3-5 Days Per Week - Positive 1

Not Watching Your Food - To Follow A New Healthier Food Plan - Positive 2

Gone From Weighing X Amount - To Now Weighing Less - Positive 3

And The Additional List Is Personal To You

Is this you?

You have increased your activity and now walking 10k + steps per day - Positive 4

Gone from drinking less than 500ml of water per day to now drinking 3 litres - Positive 5

You ate very little vegetables to now having 5 portions per day - Positive 6

You have cut out the wine in the evening during the week to now only having it at weekends

- Positive 7

You are now getting 7 hours sleep a night rather than staying up late watching Tv - Positive 8

And Think About The Wins We Forget To Judge

You have take your first yoga class that you finally had the confidence to step in to - Positive 9

You had the confidence to wear an item of clothing that weeks ago you just couldn't face - Positive 10

You joined a gym for the first time - Positive 11


Once you step back and focus on the bigger picture you soon realise that while the number on the scales may be important - the bigger picture and overall results are also a huge factor

in your journey

By just focusing on the scales you are doing yourself a huge disservice and not giving yourself the credit you deserve for how far you have really come

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