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How To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

how to achieve your weight loss goals

Losing weight can be tough

People put so many expectations on this journey and themselves from the start by trying to do everything at once

And this is the reason why so many people do not achieve their weight loss and body shape goals

How To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals - And Keep The Results

What started out with promise, ends in anger and frustration for most people when trying to lose weight

This article isn't about people giving up or not achieving their goal

It is about me giving you the exact steps you need to follow

So that come when you start your weight loss journey, you do not make this mistake

And you are able to follow this clear blueprint on how to achieve your weight loss goals

Weight Loss Achievement Step 1: You Won't Achieve This Unless You Allocate Time To Do This

It is very easy to let things get in the way, or work etc take over

And that becomes the excuse as to why you didn't achieve your results

If you schedule yourself, 3x30m blocks to workout each week

Then you have to find something that will give

  • Get up 30m earlier

  • Stay up 30m later

  • Drop TV for 30m

You have to find a way to make that workout happen and not let things, which in truth are usually excuses - get in the way

Weight Loss Achievements Step 2: How You Feel Should Be Your Priority

I could tell you so many stories of the people I have trained over the years

Who have 6/7 figure salary jobs

High end holidays

Amazing houses and holiday homes

But who's weight and health gets them down day after day

It doesn't matter where you are right now

If you really want to lose weight, change the way you feel

Then this should be your priority on your schedule

And if you blame time... look back to point 1

Weight Loss Achievement Step 3: Resolutions Require Resources

Anything you do that you are determined to achieve requires you to up-skill

You need to read and learn about HOW and WHAT you must do to get the results you want

You also need to have access to the right equipment, whether that is home workout (bands, dumbbells etc) or gym/studio

People are never really serious about a goal until they invest in the resources needed to make it happen

P.S: If you haven't got time to read - then skip back to point 1

BONUS: The quickest way to any goal is to invest in a company/person who can take out all the guesswork and give you an exact blueprint to follow

Join Our 6-Week Transformation Challenge At Gym Reb3l And Get Everything You Need To Achieve Your Weight Loss and Body Shape Goals

The reason all clients go through this before they can join the gym is because it allows us to work with you directly to build a specific workout, nutrition and lifestyle based around you

If you are follow a generic program then the results will be slow to non-existent

Working with a personal trainer at Gym Reb3l allows you to have the exact guidance you need to get your results along with the accountability to stay on track

Ultimately you achieving your goal comes down to you managing your time, having the right support and resources and making it a priority

If this does not happen

You will not get the results you want

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