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Hire A Personal Trainer in Liverpool

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

hire a personal trainer in Liverpool

Are you looking to hire a personal trainer in Liverpool

If you are, we have created a quick post to help you choose the best personal trainer for you and your goals

You will discover the question to ask

The qualifications to look out for

And the proof you need that this is the right personal trainer for you

Hire An Instructor or A Coach

Unfortunately in the personal training industry there are many 'instructors' who claim to be personal trainers

And it is very simple to tell the difference

A Fitness Instructor will wave you in to the gym and just give you random workouts with no tracking, no set periods of rest and most importantly.... no plan

If you currently have a personal trainer

Simply ask them.... Can I see a copy of the workouts and phases we have completed

If they can't provide you with this

Then you have been paying for a fitness instructor and personal training prices

At Your Consultation: If you are having a personal training consultation then simply ask the personal trainer to show you clients current programs (hiding the names) and they will be able to do this no problem

If they can't... then they are a fitness instructor and not a personal trainer

Is The Food Plan Specific To You

This is huge

There is a trend within the personal training industry to set clients Calorie or Macro (carbohydrates, protein and fats) targets when they join a plan

This is wrong

The role of a personal trainer is to coach you as an individual

Which means that the food plan and coaching they give you has to be specific to you and your lifestyle

A personal trainer who coaches their clients through their nutritional plans will be able to establish small habits with you overtime so that the program you follow is sustainable

A lot of people associate exercise and with nutrition - meaning if they are not training then they do not follow their food plan

If calorie counting or any other diet you are given by your trainer does not fit in with your lifestyle or long term commitments then it is not for you

At Your Consultation: Ask how the food plans work. Their reply should simply be... We build the plan around you - if it is anything different... take your money and run away

Their Experience as a Personal Trainer

Would you choose a personal trainer with 20 years experience or a newly qualified personal trainer

The most important part of this when choosing a personal trainer is to make sure they have the experience in the goal you are wanting to achieve

See how that reads?

If you have a personal trainer who is newly qualified but in the last 12 months has completely transformed their life and lifestyle to lose X amount of weight

They may have the coaching skills to be able to coach you through a similar plan

But remember... it has to be individual to you

If you do choose a personal trainer with years of client experience then they should be able to show you;

Workouts and Progressions

  1. Food Coaching Plans

  2. Before and After Photos

  3. These are crucial

Why would you hire a personal trainer who can't provide proof of their work?

Personal Training Qualifications

Gaining your qualifications over the years has change dramatically in the personal training industry

Course have no been condensed to just a few weeks (some as little as 4 weeks)

A lot of the personal training courses are now online courses too

But when choosing a personal trainer

You need to remember this

Their initial personal training qualifications (Level 2 and 3) are just the start

The personal trainer should have a roadmap of the qualifications they are going to gain (if they are new) and be able to demonstrate their career progression

If they are an established personal trainer then they should have a back catalogue of continued learning and qualifications to be able to show you they are the expert in their field and more than capable of coaching you to your health and fitness goals

At The Consultation: Please do not be scared to ask to see qualifications. When you go to a job interview you have to show and prove your experience

Well in a personal training consultation you are hiring their time as 'the expert' and so it should follow the same format as a job interview

Final Thoughts

At Gym Reb3l we have female personal trainers and male personal trainers available for both 1-2-1 personal training and also, semi private personal training

When you hire a personal trainer you need to make sure that all the above is covered and that the personal trainer you hire is capable of delivering the results you want

At Gym Reb3l our personal trainers can show how we are the best personal trainer for weight loss in Liverpool

We have testimonials on our website and social media channels

If you would like to find out more simply click the link below and book a personal training

consultation with one of our personal trainers today


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