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How To Lose Weight Fast, And Keep It Off

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

how to lose weight fast

When it comes to lose weight the idea of wanting to get the weight off as quickly as possible often creeps in to people's thoughts

People often start their journey by googling 'How To Lose Weight Fast'

And then they are hit with a minefield of information

And so their actions when trying to lose weight mimics this, and their approach is often sporadic with very little planning

This is driven by their initial question or often, Google search

How To Lose Weight Fast

The process usually starts like this

From minimal to zero exercise a week - To 5+ days per week

From high sugary foods, zero eating regime - To highly restricted or sergeant like calorie counting

And what tends to happen is for the first few weeks things tick along nicely

The weight loss drops off

The exercise and commitment to exercise continues

And the food is ok

Studies show that around 20% of people are able to lose weight and most importantly, keep it off

And this is mainly down to people having the wrong focus

At the start it seems the right thing

But this focus... it was costs them their results

Their focus is 100% on losing weight

If the scales don't move - they lose focus

If they skip an exercise session - they lose focus

Or in other cases

They have thrown themselves in to things so much

That when they plateaux (which they will) the weight loss stops and so their motivation stops

And they QUIT on all the above

If the focus isn't weight loss

What should it be

I want you to etch this next part in to your mind

Write it down if you have to

But make sure you repeat it over and over

Because this one sentence is going to give you the key to a successful weight loss program

If You Focus On Health Weight Loss Is Easy

Read it back...

People maintain their weight because they make it a habit - a habit that becomes their lifestyle

That is why people are successful

Even those who lose a ton of weight... but put it back on a few years later

And did so, because their focus wasn't right

They 100% focused on losing the weight and not creating a lifestyle and habits to accompany this lifestyle that would mean they kept the weight off

  • Water

  • Veg

  • Fruit

  • Lean Meat/Fish

  • Activity

  • Sleep

That is all you need to implement to get the weight loss you want

But you must take each one and make it a habit

  1. Make sure each day you drink a minimum of 3 litres of water

  2. Make sure each day you have 5-7 portions of vegetables

  3. Make sure each day you have 2-3 pieces of fruit

  4. Make sure each day you have protein with every meal

  5. Make sure each day you are active in raising your heart rate for 30 minutes and/or 8-12k steps

  6. Make sure you get the required amount of sleep for you to help recovery and reduce stress

It Is Not A Lot To Ask But Will Speed Up Your Weight Loss Results

Look at the above list

They are the exact habits you need to implement to get fast (and long term) weight loss results

  • No calorie counting

  • No shakes

  • No skipping meals

  • No 'Fasting'

  • None of that

Just the basic 'ingredients' above is all it takes for you to lose weight and most importantly,

keep the weight off

And If You Struggle With This

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