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Christmas Weight Loss Plan: 6 Week Guide

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

6-Week Body Transformation Challenge: Christmas Weight Loss Plan

With Christmas only 8-Weeks we have put together a plan of attack for those of your who want to lose weight for the Christmas season

Whether it is for your Christmas nights out

Or to allow you to overindulge over the festive season and not feel guilty or bad about yourself

This 6-week challenge will guide you through actionable steps you can take each week to lose weight and improve your body shape

So… why wait for New Year resolutions when you can start your body transformation journey right now?

Introducing the 6-Week Body Transformation Challenge, a comprehensive and progressive plan designed to help you achieve noticeable results by Christmas.

6-Week Body Transformation Challenge: Week 1 - Establishing a Strong Foundation


Embarking on this journey begins with setting a solid foundation

Start with a moderate fitness routine tailored to your current fitness levels

This could mean 30-minute sessions of a mix of cardio (like brisk walking or jogging) and strength training exercises

Remember, consistency is key, so aim to train at least 3-4 times this week and you must include some form of resistance work

Whether this is weights or body weights if you are a beginner

Strength (resistance) Training will help to really shape your body as well as to lose weight


The essence of life – water

Aim to consume at least 3 litres of water daily

Hydrating offers a host of benefits:

It boosts metabolism

ensures skin health

aids digestion

and ensures optimal function of every cell in your body

Moreover, thirst can often be mistaken for hunger, leading to overeating

By keeping yourself hydrated, you can better regulate your appetite


Laying the groundwork for nutritional habits this week involves three balanced meals a day

Sticking to the basic routine will help you to build structure into your plan and give you meals times that are consistent

These mealtimes ensure you will stick to the plan, when we miss meals or are hungry this tends to change our eating habits

Plan your meals and stick to those time

Prioritise whole foods and keep processed options at bay

The emphasis is on not skipping meals, as regular eating can stabilise blood sugar levels and prevent binge-eating later in the day

6-Week Body Transformation Challenge: Week 2 - The Power of Protein


Building on the foundation set in Week 1, increase the intensity slightly

Challenge yourself, but listen to your body

The balance between pushing yourself and ensuring safety is crucial

Within our 6-week body transformation challenges at Gym Reb3l all our client’s strength training plans are increased as they develop

This ensures they do not plateaux and that we can continue to get amazing results and development


Protein is the star this week

This mighty macronutrient aids in muscle repair, keeps you full for longer, and requires more energy to digest, giving your metabolism a natural boost

Aim to incorporate a quality protein source with every meal

This can be lean meats, fish, legumes, tofu, or dairy

Whether you train with Gym Reb3l online or in person at one of our studios

We give you access to over 300+ recipes that are easy to follow (videos) and simple to make

Ensuring the food never gets boring and you have a host of meals and snacks to try

6-Week Body Transformation Challenge: Week 3 - Energise with Fruit and Snacks (essential nutrients)


Introduce a new exercise, or perhaps a new circuit, to keep things fresh and exciting

At Gym Reb3l we have 2x weekly boxing classes for our members to increase their calorific burn


Fruits are nature's sweets, packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants

Aim for two pieces daily

Combine this with two nutritious snacks to keep energy levels steady throughout the day

Yoghurts and nuts are amazing combinations with fruit to have as a snack

Structure your new eating plan as.

Meal 1 Snack Meal 2 Snack Meal 3

6-Week Body Transformation Challenge: Week 4 - The Green Revolution


By now, your body is accustomed to regular exercise

Continue with your workouts, but also ensure you're giving your body adequate rest


The spotlight is on vegetables this week

Filled with fibre, vitamins, and minerals, they're essential for optimal health and weight loss

Challenge yourself to consume 5-7 portions daily

Just use handfuls for leaves etc as ‘1 potion’ and ½ to 1 cup for other vegetables as another portion

6-Week Body Transformation Challenge: Week 5 - Step It Up


Keep it the same and keep progressing your plan

Daily Activity:

Apart from your workouts, aim to clock in 12,000 steps daily

An active lifestyle significantly boosts calorie burn, heart health, and mood

This daily increase in activity will help with your plan but most importantly it gets you moving

12k steps per day is the challenge so build up to this

6-Week Body Transformation Challenge: Week 6 - Elevate Your Training


Shake things up! Introduce a new training program, shifting from perhaps HIIT to strength circuits, or vice versa

Ensure the new plan you follow aligns with your goals

And if you are struggling message Gym Reb3l and we can help you through our online challenge or in person training at one of our personal training studios in Liverpool


Take a moment to look back on your journey

Celebrate the changes, both physical and mental

You're stronger, fitter, and, most importantly, you've cultivated habits to last a lifetime

Future Planning:

The challenge might be ending, but your journey doesn't stop here

Keep these habits alive, set new milestones, and always strive for progress, not perfection

In just six weeks, you can transform your body and mindset

Remember… this is a journey so keep working on the habits you have developed and get the results you want and deserve

Gym Reb3l 6-Week Challenge

Over the course of our 6-week challenge we coach clients to make sustainable changes to their food and workouts by coaching habits

We do not believe in calorie counting for people to lose weight and instead the habits we teach you will be with your long term (who wants to be counting calories 20 years from now…)

If you are struggling and want us to put together a specific weight loss plan just for you

Click ‘Message Gym Reb3l’ and one of our coaches will give you more information about our 6-week body transformation challenge and answer any questions you may have on training, diet, and lifestyle

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