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womens boxing liverpool

Womens Boxing Liverpool

Womens Boxing Classes in Liverpool

Womens Boxing Liverpool

Burn Calories, Increase Cardiovascular Health And Have An Amazing Time Too

High Calories Burn Rate

Our women's only boxing classes at Gym Reb3l burns some serious calories!

Our classes are split in to:

  • Bag Work

  • Weighted Conditioning Work

  • Abs

Each element of the class is planned to ensure that you are taken through each of the heart rate training zones ensuring you burn body fat, increase your cardiovascular health and most importantly... have fun!

With the boxing classes held 'Under The Lights' you can just focus on working out and burning calories


The boxing classes at Gym Reb3l are 100% focused on bag work

Each client has their own bag, weights and mat section 

This means there is no intimidation inholding pads for other people, everything is focused on you!

The workouts are fun, energising and built for all

It doesn't matter what your current fitness levels are

The way the boxing classes are structured ensures all clients can complete the boxing class while working at their maximum capacity

Womens Boxing Classes Liverpool

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