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Personal Trainers Tailor Workouts To Your Needs

Updated: Jan 15

personal trainers tailor workouts

Keeping with our personal trainers and helping you to find the best personal trainers for the results you want

I want to dive into more about what a personal trainer offers in the workouts and why these are different to fitness classes

The best personal trainers tailor workouts to your needs and specifics, and this post is going to show you why this is so important

Understanding Your Body and Fitness Level:

Before embarking on any fitness journey, understanding your current physical status is paramount

If you have a consultation with a personal trainer and they through, you straight into a workout… then you have just paid for a workout

A top personal trainer will first offer you a personal training consultation (usually over the phone)

And then you will come in for an initial assessment

The assessment will involve movement screening, assess mobility and fitness

Stay away from personal trainers who just give you a workout without doing any of the above

Here Is Why a Personal Training Assessment Is Essential

Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses: Everyone has areas of their body where they excel and areas where improvement is needed

A thorough assessment will highlight these

Spotting Imbalances: Muscle imbalances can lead to injuries

Trainers look for these disparities, ensuring a balanced approach to training

Considering Physical Limitations and Health Concerns: Previous injuries, medical conditions, or specific concerns are considered, ensuring a safe and efficient workout

Goals: The reasons individuals seek personal training are as varied as the people themselves

Some aim for weight loss, others for muscle toning, and yet others for improving endurance or flexibility

Understanding these goals is crucial for personal trainers

They craft distinct programs based on these objectives, ensuring each workout moves you closer to your goal

Incorporating Lifestyle into Your Workouts:

Our daily routines and commitments play a significant role in shaping our fitness journey

Recognising This:

Trainers Adjust for Busy Schedules: Not everyone has hours to dedicate

Trainers can design efficient, focused sessions for those short on time

Tailoring for Frequent Travellers: On-the-go workouts and routines that can be done in hotel rooms or local parks ensure consistent training

Special Plans for Specific Needs: Whether you're a postpartum mother getting back into shape, a senior wanting to stay agile, or someone juggling unique lifestyle demands

A personal trainer will write the plan specific to you


The principle of progressive overload is central to fitness growth

As you grow stronger and more fit, your workout needs to evolve

This is why it is essential that your personal trainer tracks every single workout

You cannot progress a program if you do not know what the client has previously done

Ensure you ask a personal trainer at the consultation to see evidence of progressions and client workouts so you can check to see that they monitor everything

Make Timely Adjustments:

Regular check-ins and assessments help trainers modify your routine, ensuring you're always at the optimal level of challenge

Special Considerations for Women:

Fitness for women has its set of challenges and considerations:

Addressing Misconceptions: Contrary to popular belief, lifting weights won't make women bulky

Trainers clarify such misconceptions

Tailoring Workouts for Women’s Needs:

Hormonal cycles, bone density concerns, or post-pregnancy requirements shape how trainers design routines for women

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