Reb3l Yoga

Imagine Meditating and Relaxing To Cafe Del Mar and Upbeat Music To Inspire Change...


An Upbeat Yoga Class That Takes You Through A Mix of R 'n' B, Trance, Dance, House and Pop


At Gym Reb3l we are huge fans of Yoga

The benefits of yoga are incredible, not just mentally but physically too and this is why Reb3l Yoga is an integral part of our fitness classes at Gym Reb3l

Reb3l Yoga incorporates all the traditional movements of yoga along with the meditation and allows you to improve the flexibility, movement and strength of your body

The difference between Reb3l Yoga and other traditional yoga classes is that we mix our yoga classes with a different style of music to what you would expect in a traditional yoga class

We have specifically mixed backing tracks of; R ‘n’ B, Dance, Trance, Pop and House music to give you an upbeat yoga class

Imagine an Upbeat Yoga Class Near You

Can you imagine walking in to a yoga class with upbeat music gliding you in to different positions

Can you imagine stretching and meditating to Café Del Mar…?

Think about it

Learning to meditate to music that inspires you and one which now helps you to focus 

Yoga doesn’t have to be all slow and ‘gong’ beats yoga

If can be upbeat and still incorporate all the traditions benefits of yoga

If you are someone who want to learn yoga and reminisce about the Ibiza classics that brings back amazing memories, then this yoga class is for you

It is the best yoga class to help you relax, unwind and get control of your body and mind


The Journey Must Start With You... But Can Be Guided By Gym Reb3l

Reb3l Yoga is Non-Hot Yoga

Reb3l Yoga doesn’t fall in to traps… we at Gym Reb3l will never promote a product without the research to back it up

Which is why we do non hot yoga at Gym Reb3l

We need proven research before we can provide our clients with a service that we can guarantee and unfortunately there is no scientific research to back up whether hot yoga is better for you than non-hot yoga

But if you are a fan of hot yoga that that is no problem… but we want you to come and trial a free yoga class at Gym Reb3l so you can see what makes our yoga classes the best yoga class you will have been to

Free Yoga Class

We know you will have a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing a yoga class near you so that is why at Gym Reb3l we want you to come and trial a yoga class

Trial any of our yoga classes and if you then choose to join Gym Reb3l we will knock the trial fee from your first month’s membership

This is an amazing opportunity for you to come and trial the class without having to commit to a long-term membership of a yoga studio

Come and unwind at Reb3l Yoga and spend some time looking after you


The Journey Must Start With You... But Can Be Guided By Gym Reb3l

Where Is Reb3l Yoga Located

We currently have Reb3l Yoga classes in the following locations

South Liverpool: Trial Reb3l Yoga at our South Liverpool Studio (Speke)

Yoga South Liverpool

Gym Reb3l



North Liverpool: Trial Reb3l Yoga at our North Liverpool Studio (Bootle) 

Yoga North Liverpool

Gym Reb3l

15-17 Irlam Road



L20 4AE



If You Want All The Benefits of Traditional Yoga Mixed With R 'n' B, Trance, Dance, House and Pop... We Have That!


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